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LEM DXpedition News of 2018-2019 Season

LEM406 01DEC2018 – 08DEC2018
Antti Aaltonen (ANA) and Timo Reiniluoto (TRE)

Wednesday 05DEC2018 – Saturday 08DEC2018

From Wednesday onwards we had very nice conditions: first some snowfall and after that temperatures falling to close to -20 degrees. Truly beautiful compared to the dark, wet and dull landscape we had to endure in the beginning of our stay in Lemmenjoki!

On the other hand, the cx remained dull to the very end of our trip. Nighttime conditions were non-existent. Friday afternoon provided us with nice signals from the Midwest and the west coast, but it was difficult to find anything interesting.

All our hopes for better cx were in vain: on Saturday the cx hit rock bottom. Practically nothing audible from any direction. This gave us plenty of time to clean the house thoroughly, allowing HN and HAS to enter a shiny and fresh QTH.

On Independence Day we arranged the traditional military parade of two reserve officers right outside the LEM-QTH. We are sure all inhabitants of the area appreciated this and made them feel more secure.

Here are examples of identified stations:
  • KPHI 1130
  • KLOK 1170
  • KMHL 1400
  • KTCT 1050
  • KOEL 950
  • AIR Bengaluru 612
  • RNE-5 Ciudad Real 1305 local px, very strong
  • AIR Siliguri 711
Here are some other results:

  • whitefish tartar and ”skärgårdsbröd”
  • lamb tenderloin with Jerusalem artichoke risotto
  • blueberry foam
  • Remelluri Reserva 2011 (Rioja Alavesa)
  • traditional LEM-salad
  • reindeer tenderloin with oven roasted vegetables, feta cheese and madeira sauce
  • traditional Finnish squeaky cheese with jam and vanilla sauce
  • Orin Swift Abstract 2015 (Napa)
  • Blandy’s Santa Luzia Madeira
  • cucumber-yogurt soup
  • duck breast with teriyaki sauce; quinoa, avocado and sweet potato timbale
  • selection of cheeses and jams
  • Finca Ferrer Colección 1310 mts. Block A1 Pinot Noir 2015 (Tupungato, Valle de Uco, Argentina)
Despite the mediocre or outright crappy cx, we had a great time, thanks to good food and good company. Another DXpedition to remember!

This is LEM406 signing off. Dear Reader there in Uhtua, thank you for your kind attention.



Saturday 01DEC2018 – Tuesday 04DEC2018

We are back at Lemmenjoki, faithful to our concept of analog receivers (we have seven of them) and excellent cooking.

On our way to Lemmenjoki we enjoyed a tasty breakfast at the student apartment of ANA’s daughter in Rovaniemi. After that it was time for two hours of hectic shopping (over EUR 400 worth of groceries). We took the eastern route via Sodankylä and after having a wonderful late lunch at Restaurant Aanaar in Inari we finally arrived at LEM headquarters at 6.15 p.m.

You may be interested to know more about the conditions. Well, here you go: temperatures between +1 and -6 degrees, cloudy and very little snow.

On the AM band the conditions have been exactly as expected: awful! We realized well in advance that we had picked the wrong week. Therefore, we are not really disappointed because we knew what our fate would be. Very little improvement is expected before we have to leave on Saturday. As we always look on the bright side, we are truly happy that there will be so much less recordings to go through at home and we will be able to concentrate on something more productive.

During the first night and morning some fairly decent La Plata and US west coast, but after that the cx have deteriorated each day.

Here are examples of stations identified so far:
  • KARI 550
  • KVMI 1270
  • KBAM 1270
  • Rádio Liberal, Belém 900
  • AM1420 Villa Martelli 1420
  • XELBL 1350
  • RNE5 Ávila 1098 local px, very strong

When the cx fail you, there must be something else to do. Fortunately we share a common passion for cooking! Below is a list of things the coronal holes did not ruin:

  • traditional Lemmenjoki salad
  • Bahia-style Moqueca prawn stew
  • chocolate mousse with ”Pätkis” (a Finnish mint chocolate candy)
  • Carl Loewen Riesling Quant 2017
  • Red Leaf Icewine Vidal 2015 (VQA Niagara Peninsula)
  • Bresaola, oven tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella salad with mustard dressing
  • smoked salmon chowder
  • Asian pancakes
  • Domaine Laroche Chablis Premier Cru Les Vaudevey 2016
  • Red Leaf Icewine Vidal 2015 (VQA Niagara Peninsula)
  • carrot, turmeric and ginger soup with cumin roasted chickpeas
  • pork neck with homemade kimchi
  • ChocoMe cranberry chocolate
  • Joseph Drouhin Rully 2015
LEM405 17NOV2018-24NOV2018
Juha Vehmas (JVH) and Teijo Mäenpää (TSM)

Thursday 22NOV2018 - Saturday 24NOV2018

LEM405 cx were declining day by day thanks to some odd and rare ionospheric surprises: Slight coronal hole 895 disturbance hitting our planet turned to a “rare wave” in earth´s magnetic field making magnetometers around the Arctic Circle shake, and so were shaking the MW cx too. Especially Friday 23rd morning was quite lousy, but then we were pleased by sunny daylight hours and Marshalls Island 1098. In the late afternoon a real blizzard turned all forecasts again. We got 20 cm of snow to the bare ground, and early birds rising to the trans-Atlantic MW band: nice Brazilian top around 21z and then strong NA.

Saturday morning offered amazing utility opening to the US. WSPR beacons are transmitters of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions on 474 kHz. TSM catch these stations 20 pieces from US, one from Alaska and one from Hawaii. Transmission power of these varies only from 0,5 to 2 watts. Already from Perseus files have found two more NDB beacons (frequencies about 300-500 kHz) from US and more will come. All these have never before received in Europe. Files from night time could maybe offer more surprises from China, Japan and Thailand.

Just in the beginning of the Friday snowstorm our local 911 Welding Rescue Company arrived in all secret from the dark and did the job by the balun box: The broken connection of the 335° PST-wire got a new socket and the mystery of the break of this antenna was resolved.

73s JVH and TSM
LEM405 welding
LEM405 more welding

Saturday 17NOV2018 - Wednesday 21NOV2018

The Tampere origin duo was warmly welcomed by the HQ hot soapstone fireplace. Ionospheric conditions for our dx week 47 were predicted to be good for MW DXing. First four nights have the same main story beginning with early night Brazilians and continuing all night long with also La Plata on the band and NA especially in the mornings. On Monday 19th SA cx lasted to 08z and on Tue 20th after 07z, but after coronal hole 894 sweep in the late Tuesday hours with some aurora borealis SA stations vanished as early as 05z. NA was strong on Sunday ante meridiem, but quite lousy on Wed 21st. Hawaii has offered some nice basic stations. So far Brazilian and Argentinian stations have been in the main role each day. Radio Morena, Guayaquil 640 can be described as an exceptional catch among Buenos Aires area, Uruguay and Sâo Paulo area stations from directions 240 to 250 degrees.

So far best utility stations are Navtex-signals from Japan, Thailand, India, Malesia and Indonesia. And nice beacons from Puerto Rico and Bahamas. Some new NDB’s from Canada and International waters too.

In the antenna forest some field service have been done removing dead wood leaning to the line and so ensuring the support and height of the wire, also with some maintenance of waterproof connections in the beverage endings. The scenery in Lemmenjoki is still snowless. Hiking in the wilderness have been a great fun and welcomed counterweight for the anxious sitting by the RX in the QTH.

Some loggings have been already been fed to the MW-list direct from the Jaguar and will be added to the OLL as soon as the macro system or so will be able to do the data transfer job.
LEM405 ground
LEM405 no snow
LEM405 wine

LEM404 10NOV2018-17NOV2018
Juhani Korhonen (HJK) and Jari Korhonen (JJK)

According to the fridge logbook Korhonen cousins heated the HQ during the week 46 instead of earlier planned week 45.

LEM403 27OCTSEP2018-10NOV2018
Jim Solatie (JMS) and Jari Ruohomäki (JPR)

Mestor will work next week(s) before the alive expedition by the Korhonen cousins.

73s JPR

LEM402 20OCT2018-27OCT2018
Jari Ruohomäki (JPR)

Saturday 27OCT2018

LEM402 is signing off. I am on the way back to Oulu in Tervola. Yesterday offered again pretty good propagation to western NA. But today all the NA-signals disappeared in the morning after 06 utc. This is the first day this week when AM band is empty so early in the morning.

All in all, I was surprised to have such clear NA-signals every day. I have not had WA-OR-CA conditions for five years or so.

73s JPR

Friday 26OCT2018

The same pattern has continued on LEM402. No specific conditions to Latin America. Also NA east coast has been quite quiet. But the western parts have been pretty good during the daylight hours even till 14utc. Especially the 24th was interesting. Westcoast was followed by huge signals from Alaska and Hawaii till 15utc.

LEM402 Lake LEM402 Snow

Saturday 20OCT2018-Wednesday 24OCT2018

LEM402 has been on since Saturday the 20th of October. Nice to be here again. Weather conditions have been great. Mostly sunny and temps around 0. There is no snow yet, but a minor snowstorm will hit this area on Thursaday.

Here are the highlights so far:

1. Saturday, the 20th, was good towards NA. Night was boring, but morning and night were better. The whole continent was open which did not make this easy. Westcoasters were audible till 14utc.

2. Pretty good LA opening on Sunday morning 05 to 08utc. Stations from the West Indies to Orinoco and the Andes faded in and out.However, there was a lot of interference from dominant NA-stations. Therefore I had to use 264 antenna. Radio Latina, Lima 990, for instance, dominated the frequency for almost two hours.

LEM401 ?????2018-?????2018


LEM400 10SEP2018-?????2018
Jari Ruohomäki (JPR) and Jim Solatie (JMS)

Mestor will continue LEM-season from the 10th of September.

73s JPR

LEM399 08SEP2018-09SEP2018
Jari Ruohomäki (JPR)

Greetings from Lemmenjoki!

The new dx-season has started in Lemmenjoki. Perfect weather conditions: sunny sky and temps from 15 to 19 degrees. Not so much to tell about the propagation. However, this morning the 8th of September seems to have been pretty good towards La Plata and southern brasil around 03 utc, but I have not had time to check the files. For example, La Voz de Artigas 1180 was strong.

I will drive back to Kempele tomorrow in the morning. So there will not be more news this time.

73s JPR

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