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North America News Watch 2008

kHzCanada News 16 November 2008Source
590CKRS Jonquiere QC Moved to FM 11/2008.NRC
600CKPK Vancouver BC Continues on the air by relaying The Peak-100.5 FM. Format changed from OLD/NOS to AAA.Dave Bennett via MWDX
790CFCW Camrose AB Approved to move to 840.Deane McIntyre via IRCA and NRC
1020CKVH High Prairie AB Applied to move to FM-93.5.Deane McIntyre via IRCA and NRC
1230CJNL Merritt BC Has applied to move to 101.1FM, but the transmitter would remain on the air as a relay CHNL-610.Deane McIntyre via IRCA and NRC
1310CHLW St.Paul AB Applied to move to FM-97.7.Deane McIntyre via IRCA and NRC
1550CBE Windsor ON Applied to move to FM-97.5/91.5. This will replace the never implemented nested FM relay on 102.3 MHz. CBE will go silent after the usual three month simulcast period. Excluding a few 40 watt low power relay transmitters this is the last (assuming that CBI will also actually move) English language CBC station on AM between Manitoba and Newfoundland.Deane McIntyre via IRCA and NRC
kHzUSA News 16 November 2008Source
960WSVU North Palm Beach FL CP for U4 1200/1400 is on.NRC
1020KCKN Roswell NM CP for U4 50000/50000 is on, changing the daytime pattern to a more ‘standard' configuration of a figure-8 with lobes to the southeast and northwest.NRC
1360KWWJ Baytown TX Silent 11/2008.NRC
1390WEGP Presque Island ME CP for U2 25K/10K is on. Adding 20K/5K to this dominant station.NRC
1410WRMN Elgin IL CP for U2 1000/1300 is on the air.NRC
kHzCanada News 09 November 2008Source
600CKPK Vancouver BC Northwest Broadcasters recent news reports that station will throw the switch off at 1900 PST on 13NOV08 with format going to 650 C-ISL and CKPK FM 100.5.IRCA
kHzUSA News 09 November 2008Source
1020WRHB Kendall FL Has new call WURN.AMLOGBOOK
1300WJFK Baltimore MD Has new call WJR.AMLOGBOOK
1310KRBI Saint Peter MN Has new call KGLB.DXMA
1310KNOX Grand Forks ND Silent 11/2008AMLOGBOOK
1320WBOB Jacksonville FL Now 50K/5K AMLOGBOOK
1580WPGC Morningside MD Has new call WHFS.AMLOGBOOK
1580WVZN Columbia PA Silent 11/2008AMLOGBOOK
1590KQLO Sun Vallwey NV Silent 11/2008AMLOGBOOK
kHzAlaska News 27 October 2008Source
1020KABA Eagle River AK Silent 10/2008.NRC, AMLOGBOOK
kHzCanada News 27 October 2008Source
560CHVO Spaniard's Bay NL Silent after moving to FM-103.9 on 09OCT2008.Baird, AMLOGBOOK, NRC, IRCA
1340CKCR Revelstoke BC Applied to move to FM-106.1.NRC
kHzHawaii News 27 October 2008Source
1180KORL Honolulu HI Silent 10/2008NRC, AMLOGBOOK
kHzUSA News 27 October 2008Source
820WCPT Willow Springs IL CP granted for U2 5000/1500. The new 6-tower array (2 rows of 3 aligned NE to SW) will be built at N41-32-30 W88-02-03 near Ridgewood, Illinois and direct the signal in a line directly away from Fort Worth. With this action by the FCC, WCPT voluntarily turned in their CP for D1 3200/0.NRC
1050KMTA Miles City MT Antenna from D1 to U1. Now on the air with U1 10000/136.NRC
1190KNUV Tolleson AZ Back on the air with progressive talk. rKPHX-1480.NRC, AMLOGBOOK
1330KOVE Lander WY Now 50K/250 NDA.AMLOGBOOK
1340KIST Santa Barbara CA New call KCLU. Format from TLK to NWS. NPR. rKCLU-88.3 CP for U1 650/650 is on the air.IRCA, AMLOGBOOK, NRC
1360KWWJ Baytown TX Again back on the air with GOS.AMLOGBOOK
1430KCOH Houston TX Back on the air 10/2008. NRC
1490KWAC Bakersfield CA CP for U1 640/640 is on the air.NRC
1590WHGT Chambersburg PA Silent 10/2008AMLOGBOOK
kHzCanada News 7 October 2008Source
580CKXR Salmon Arm BC Silent after moving to FM.IRCA
820CHAM Hamilton ON Format from CWC to TLK "Talk 8-20".DXMA, AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
1070CHOK Sarnia ON Has NO plans to leave AM even if FM is on the air.CHOK via JHU
1270CFGT Alma QC Application of CFGT-1270 Alma Quebec to move to FM DENIED by CRTC.IRCA
1280CHQB Powell River AB CFPW-95.7 has signed on, meaning CHQB has less than 90 days (from 29SEP2008) of life.NRC.
1690CJLO Montréal QC According to the station the tests started on September 5th, not in August as NANW told before.HN
kHzHawaii News 7 October 2008Source
1130KRUD Honolulu HI New call KPHI.NRC
kHzUSA News 7 October 2008Source
660KGDP Oildale CA Silent 9/2008AMLOGBOOK
820WWWB Frederick MD Has new call WWFD.AMLOGBOOK, NRC
880KJOJ Conroe TX Silent 9/2008AMLOGBOOK
890KDJQ Meridian ID On the air again with OLD format.NRC
950KKFN Denver CO Has new call KRWZ and flipped from TLK/SPO to OLD. "Cruisin 9-50".PUL, DXMA, AMLOGBOOK, NRC
1030KDUN Reedsport OR On the air again with OLD format.NRC
1240KMCL Donnelly ID Silent 9/2008AMLOGBOOK
1260KIMB Kimball NE Silent 9/2008UMB, AMLOGBOOK, NRC
1260WBUD Trenton NJ Has new call WFJS.AMLOGBOOK, NRC
1300WIBR Baton Rouge LA Silent 9/2008AMLOGBOOK
1310WADB Asbury Park NJ Has new call WBUD.AMLOGBOOK
1340WDCR Hanover NH Silent 9/2008AMLOGBOOK
1350WOAM Peoria IL Silent 10/2008RDXWI
1360WPTT McKeesport PA Has new call WMNY and changed format from TLK to BUS/NWS:"Money Radio 1360"IRCA, NRC, AMLOGBOOK
1360KWWJ Baytown TX Silent 9/2008AMLOGBOOK, NRC
1380WFCL Clintonville WI Format from NOS to OLD and new call sign WOTE as "Wisconsin's Oldies Thirteen Eighty".UMB, DXMA
1420WACT Tuscaloosa AL Has new call WENN.AMLOGBOOK, NRC
1430W... Marquette MI CP granted for U2, 50kW/2kW. 46-32-02N 87-26-33WFCC, AMLOGBOOK
1430KCOH Houston TX Silent 9/2008.AMLOGBOOK
1440WJJB Westbrook ME Has new call WREDAMLOGBOOK, NRC
1450KWBE Beatrice NE Silent 9/2008.AMLOGBOOK
1460WXOK Baton Rouge LA Silent 9/2008.AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
1460KHFX Burleson TX New call KCLE.NRC, AMLOGBOOK
1470WEMM Huntington WV Has new call WRWB.AMLOGBOOK
1500WWWT Washington DC Has new call WFED. Format form TLK/NWS/SPO: "3WT" to TLK:"Federal News Radio"DXMA, AMLOGBOOK, NRC
1520KMAV Mayville ND Has new call KMSR.UMB, AMLOGBOOK, NRC
1540KGBC Galveston TX Silent 9/2008.AMLOGBOOK
1570KSXT Loveland CO Back on the air after short silent period. Format from SPO to REL:ETWN.AMLOGBOOK
1650KHRO El Paso TX New call KSVE.NRC
1680WDSS Ada MI New call WPRR. Format from KID to TLK/PRR. Public Reality Radio format debuted 22SEP08.RDXWI, NRC, IRCA
kHzHawaii News 2 September 2008Source
620KIPA Hilo HI is back on the air with NWS/TLK format after a yearlong silence. Has new call letters KHNU and “Honu 62” and “Talk of Hawaii” slogans.HRTG, NRC
kHzCanada News 2 September 2008Source
780CFDR Dartmouth NS applied to move to FM 92.9 MHzIRCA
790CFCW Camrose AB applied to move to 840.DXMA, NRC, IRCA
790CIGM Sudbury ON applied to move to FM 93.5 MHzIRCA
850CKBA Athabasca AB applied to move to FM 94.1 MHzIRCA
1070CHOK Sarnia ON launched “Country 103.9 FM” on 23JUL2008, meaning CHOK-1070 has up to 90 days of life remaining.NRC
1460CJOY Guelph ON applied to move to FM 95.7 MHz.IRCA
1690CJLO Montréal QC has CP for U1 1K/1K at N45-26-51 W73-37-57. Started testing with tones, but will officially test with music 8/25, and hopes to have a regular sked by the end of the year. Format: Progressive (Concordia University)., IRCA
kHz CatUSA News 2 September 2008Source
630WDGY Hudson WI has new calls WREY.UMB, DXMA, IRCA
880WZAB Sweetwater FL has new CP 4K/1.5K DA-2 (U4) N25-44-56 W80-32-50AMLOGBOOK, NRC
970WWDJ Hackensack NJ has new call WTTTNRC, PUL
970WTTT Hackensack NJ is now 50K/5K and has new call WNYM.AMLOGBOOK, NRC,IRCA,PUL
1150KNRV Englewood CO reported SILENT-8/2008 and pending sale.AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
1150WTTT Boston MA has new call WWDJNRC,IRCA
1190KNUV Tolleson AZ reported SILENT-8/2008 and pending sale.AMLOGBOOK,IRCA
1310KRBI Saint Peter MN reported SILENT-8/2008DXMA, NRC, IRCA
1400WEEY Hanover NH has new call WTSLNRC
1460WZNZ Jacksonville FL has CP for U2 15000/5000AMLOGBOOK, NRC,IRCA
1510KPIG Piedmont CA has CP granted to increase power as U4 8/2.4kWNRC
1510KGA Spokane WA has CP granted to reduce power as U4 50/15kWNRC
1550WAZX Smyrna GA reported SILENT 8/2008IRCA
1580WTTN Watertown WI reported SILENT 8/2008NRC
1680WDSS Ada MI has new calls WPRR. Dropped Disney for "Public Reality Radio".DXMA, UMB, RDXWI,IRCA,Brade
kHzAlaska news 25 July 2008Source
1330KXLJ Juneau AK is a new station with Air America Radio talk shows and CBS News.NRC, IRCA,
kHzCanada and USA news 25 July 2008Source
550CHLN Trois-Rivières QC reported to be silent. Gone to FM.AMLOGBOOK
600CKBD Vancouver BC has new calls CKPK and will become CKPK “The Peak” on FM 100.5.NRC, IRCA, DXMA
690CBU Vancouver BC application to move to FM was denied due to lack of intended coverage area of the FM signal. This CBC station will remain on the air.NRC, IRCA
740CHWO Toronto ON has new call CFZM and slogan “The New AM740”. NRC
800Bandon OR CP for 2.5/1kWAMLOGBOOK
830CKKY Wainwright AB applied to move to FM 101.9.NRC, DXMA
900CKDH Amherst NS is moving to FM 101.7DXMA
920CJCH Halifax NS is silent. Gone to FM 101.3.NRC, IRCA
950KKFN Denver CO SPO moved from 950 AM to 104.3 FM but the new AM format is still unclear. 1600-KEPN Lakewood CO should have moved to 950, but it didn't happen.NRC
960WSVU North Palm Beach FL CP for U4 1200/1400.NRC
970KQAQ Austin MN is back on the air with changed format. Now CW.DXMA
990WLGZ Rochester NY changed calls to WRCI and format from NOS to REL.NERW, IRCA, NRC
1040WNJE Flemington NJ now on with U7 15000/1500 CH 7500.NRC
1100WZFN Dilworth MN changed call to WZFG and format from CW to TLK. Also new studios are built and the future address will be: 64 Broadway, Fargo 58102-4934DXMA, NRC,
1220KNTS Palo Alto CA has new calls KDOW. Look at 1680, too.FCC
1230WUCN Smithville GA new CP with U1 1kW/1kW.NRC, IRCA
1230WOLH Florence SC is silent.NRC
1240KWAK Stuttgart AR is silent.NRC
1270WFRN Elkhart IN has new calls WCMR.DXMA
1270KRVT Claremore OK now on with U4 5000/1000 and dropped NOS format. Continues with OLD.NRC, IRCA
1300KKML Colorado Springs CO has new calls KCSF and new format Classic Country as “KCS Country”.DXMA
1330WRCA Waltham MA granted for STA to use Newton transmitter site. Station has CP for Watertown and the work is unfinished. Legal id has already changed from Waltham-Boston to Watertown-Boston.BOSTON, FCC
1330WGFT Campbell OH deletes night time service. Local times for programming: 6am-8pm weekdays and 6am-12midnight weekends.AMLOGBOOK,
1340KCFR Denver CO moving to FM 90.1.NRC
1360WNNJ Newton NJ has new calls WTOC.FCC
1380WNRI Woonsocket RI has been logged in Norway by KONG17 in October 2007 and added to 1-category.OJS
1380KRKO Everett WA got finally CP for 34kW/50kW from four new towers. Full story here:
1400WTSL Hanover NH has new calls WEEY.AMLOGBOOK
1420WRCG Columbus GA now on with U1 5000/79 from new tower.NRC
1430Boise ID new CP for 50/1kW.AMLOGBOOK
1450Dunbar WV (CP) has call WLUX. Added to 2 category.FCC
1460WXOK Port Allen LA, CP granted for U1 4700/290 along with a change in City-of-License from Baton Rouge.NRC
1480WRLM Irondale AL has new calls WQOH.FCC
1490KWUD Woodville TX reported silent.AMLOGBOOK
1520WDMN Rossford OH changed calls to WNWT and format to NWS/TLK/SPO.IRCA, DXMA
1560WMBH Joplin MO is silent.NRC
1570WWSZ New Albany IN changed call to WNDA and format from SPO to NWS/TLK.NRC, IRCA, AMLOGBOOK
1620WWLV South Bend IN has new calls WPNT and new format NWS.NRC
1670CBEU Gatineau QC was not on the air as reported in late may. It has been only testing.NRC
1680KDOW Seattle WA has new calls KNTS and flipped from Spanish to Spanish REL. Look at 1220, too.FCC
kHzHawaii news published in DX-Clusive 10/2008 on 27MAY2008Source
1320Ewa Beach HI (CP) has calls KEWA.FCC
kHzCanada and USA news published in DX-Clusive 10/2008 on 27MAY2008Source
850WNTJ Johnstown PA moved to 1490.IRCA, NRC
850WKGE Johnstown PA is new station with former WNTJ tx.FCC
890KDJQ Meridian ID is still silent, but may return back to air. Has new calls KXSL.IRCA, NRC, FCC
920WMEL Melbourne FL has new calls WDMC.FCC
960CFFX Kingston ON replied with nice full color QSL card for DX test, celebrating the move to FM. v/s Saul Chernos on behalf of Roger Cole-CE. Address: C/O 57 Berkeley St, Toronto Ont M5A 2W5.Martin via many sources
970KNFX Austin MN has new calls KQAQ.FCC
980CKRU Peterborough ON application to move to FM was approved by the CRTC but they must find an alternative FM frequency as the proposed 96.7 MHz frequency was granted to a new FM station.NRC
1020KAXX Eagle River AK has new calls KABA.FCC
1030KDUN Reedsport OR is off the air, but may come back on the air, because it has been sold recently.IRCA, NRC
1070KVKK Verndale MN (10/5kW) Address: 11 S.E. Bryant Avenue, Wadena MN 56482.NRC
1070KHMO Hanninbal MO Chief Enigneer has said he will accept Reception Reports sent to: Gary Glaenzer, C/O KHMO 1070, 119 N 3rd Street, Hannibal MO 63401.NRC
1090CKKW Kitchener ON has applied to move to FM (99.5 MHz)many
1100WZFN Dilworth MN has new calls KKFL.FCC
1240KSAC Sacramento CA has new calls KRJY.FCC
1300WTIR Cocoa Beach FL has new calls WMEL.FCC
1320KYHN Fort Smith AR has new calls KWHN.KWHN via OJS, FCC
1350KGHF Pueblo CO has new calls KDZA.DXMA, FCC
1400KUNX Santa Paula CA has new calls KKZZ.FCC
1420CKPT ON Peterborough SILENT. Gone to FM.DXMA
1430Wasilla AK (CP) has calls KMBQ.FCC
1440WJAE Westbrook ME has new calls WJJB.FCC
1440WGVL Greenville SC in now "La Invasora". Format is ranchero/norteno.IRCA
1450CHOU Montréal QC The application to increase power from 1kW to 2kW-U has been approved by the CRTC.NRC
1450Milford PA (CP) has call WQCD.FCC
1490KXLQ Indianola IA reported SILENT.DXMA
1590KKZZ Ventura CA has new calls KUNX.FCC
1600WOKB Winter Garden FL changed the frequency with 1680 WLAA Winter Garden FL.IRCA
1650KWHN Fort Smith AR has new calls KYHN. FCC, Transmitter site was destroyed by recent flooding and the signal is now dark. There are no plans to put 1650 back on the air.KWHN via OJS
1670CJEU Gatineau QC (1kW) Radio Enfant is French-speaking station and aims to involve children and youth of 5-18 years of age in radio broadcasting. CJEU has been reportedly heard sporadically in Canada in late March. Address: Radio Enfant/Ado, Atelier Radio Enfant Inc, Studio de la Maison de la culture, 855 boul de la Gappe pièce 310, Gatineau (Québec) J8T 8H9, Canada, tel.
1680WLAA Winter Garden FL changed the frequency with 1600 WOKB Winter Garden FL.IRCA
1690CJLO Montreal QC has been given an extension to Oct 1, 2008 to begin broadcasting.NRC
kHzNew KOJE and NANW Editor, published in DX-Clusive 10/2008 on 27MAY2008Source
 Tapio Kalmi has taken over the editing work of KOJE and NANW in late April 2008. Esa Hänninen will help if any issues arise.

Esa will continue updating the Finnish OS-NA-MEX statistics at least to the end of this season.

All AM radio news items from Hawaii, North America and Mexico are welcome directly to the email address mentioned above. KOJE will be available in the Internet at and NANW at

Big thank to Esa for editing North American News Watch and KOJE for 30 years. Great work indeed!
kHzCanada and USA news published in DX-Clusive 8/2008 on 16APR2008Source
540KNOE Monroe LA has new calls KMLB.FCC
580KTMT Ashland OR has new calls KGAY.FCC
610CHNC New Carlisle QC granted move to FM-107.1 MHz.McIntyre via NRC
670WSCR Chicago IL has address 455 North City Front Plaza Drive, 6th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611.Martin via NRC
790WSKO Providence RI has new calls WPRV.FCC
920WNJE Flemington NJ has new calls WCHR.FCC
1010KMUZ Milwaukie OR has new calls KOOR.FCC
1070CBA Moncton NB has now moved to FM-106.1 MHz.many via NRC
1150CHGM Gaspé QC granted move to FM-99.3 MHz.McIntyre via NRC
1230WOLS Florence SC has new calls WOLH.FCC
1230Presidio TX (CP) has calls KHUA.FCC
1240WYNY Cross City FL has new calls WMJQ.FCC
1300WTMM Rensselaer NY has new calls WGDJ.FCC
1310KMKY Oakland CA has address 963 Industrial Road, Suite 1, San Carlos, CA 94070.HS
1330WLOL Minneapolis MN has address 919 Lilac Drive North, Golden Valley, MN 55422.Martin via NRC
1330WMJQ Ontario NY has new calls WYNY.FCC
1430WIL St. Louis MO has new calls KZQZ and OLD/TLK format.AMFMTVDX via HS,DXMA
1450Eads CO (CP) has calls KEHT. The format will be REL.FCC, DXMA
1450Langtry TX (CP) has calls KHTW. FCC
1490CFWB Campbell River BC granted to move to FM-99.7 MHz.McIntyre via NRC
1490Del Norte CO (CP) has calls KHRJ. The format will be REL.FCC, DXMA
1490KXLQ Indianola IA has returned to the air with Spanish programming.UMB
1490Comstock TX (CP) has calls KOAH.FCC
1490Richfield UT (CP) has calls KYHR.FCC
1600KOPT Eugene OR has new calls KOPB.FCC
1680KAVT Fresno CA has new calls KGED.FCC
kHzHawaii news published in DX-Clusive 5/2008 on 04MAR2008Source
1340Honaunau HI granted U1 10/10 kW.Smith via NRC
kHzCanada and USA news published in DX-Clusive 5/2008 on 04MAR2008Source
540WRRD Jackson WI has new calls WAUK. Simulcasts SPO from ESPN with WMCS-1290 and WRRD-1510. DXMA, UMB
960KOVO Provo UT has new city-of-license Bluffdale UT. The power is 4/1 kW, relays KXOL-1660 with a Spanish format and slogan "La Favorita".JA
970KNFX Austin MN is now silent and apparently won't return anytime soon.UMB
1260KOIT San Francisco CA has new calls KSFB. The format is REL and slogan "Immaculate Heart Radio".JA
1300WTMM (WEEV) Rensselaer NY has reserved calls WGDJ for pending sale application. FCC
1320CKEC New Glasgow NS has now moved to FM-94.1 and should now be silent here, but it has been heard in Scotland on 19th of February.Davies,Poque via NRC
1340KWWX Wenatchee WA has new calls KZNW.FCC
1430WIL St. Louis MO has reserved calls KZQZ for pending sale application.FCC
1470KRJJ Brooklyn Park MN has new calls KMNQ. The format is S/MEX, relays KMNV-1400.DXMA, AMFMTVDX via HS
1490WFKY Frankfort KY has new calls WKYW.FCC
1490Lancaster NH granted calls WKBR.FCC
1490WTYX Watkins Glen NY has new calls WRCE.FCC
1490WLRT Hampton VA has new calls WXTG.FCC
1510WAUK Waukesha WI has new calls WRRD. Simulcasts SPO from ESPN with WAUK-540 days.DXMA

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