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North America News Watch 2011

kHzCanada News 11DEC2011Source
540CBGA-1 Grande Anse NB Granted to move to FM.IRCA
900CKDH Amherst NS Signed off on November 17 as they have moved to 101.7 MHz. CKDH signed on the air in 1957 on 1400 then moved to 900 in 1964.NRC
940C... Montréal QC License granted for 50K/50K with F/NWS/TLK format.IRCA
960C... Mississauga ON License granted for 2K/280 with NWS/TLK format.IRCA
990CKGM Montréal QC Has been granted to move to 690.NRC
990C... Montréal QC CP granted here filling the spot now occupied by CKGM. Another assumption is that they will be U4 50K/50K as currently authorized to CKGM.NRC
1310CHLW St.Paul AB Will have new call CHSP when flip to 97.7 occurs.IRCA
kHzHawaii News 11DEC2011Source
1450K... Hilo HI CP granted for U3 5K/5K from two towers at 19-42-34/155-06-35. The circular lobe is headed southeast.NRC
kHzUSA News 11DEC2011Source
790KEJY Eureka CA Silent 12/2011.IRCA
790KWSW Eureka CA Has new call KEJY.IRCA
790KBRV Soda Springs ID Licensed for U1 5K/29 KBRV was issued a ‘Silent STA’ in April as their Continental transmitter ‘stopped working’. They have CP to move to 800 kHz with U1 10K/150 and was expecting delivery of their new Harris transmitter in September. Listen for them testing and they may be on regular schedule on 800 shortly.NRC
790WAYY Eau Claire WI Licensed for U2 5K/5K. WAYY is operating under a Special Temporary Authorization (STA) with U1 5K/1250 due to a fire in the ‘doghouse’ of its tower #3 (west tower in their 3-tower array). They have asked for 180 days to make necessary repairs. Their normal nighttime array produces two equal slender lobes; one to the northeast and the other to the southwest. The pattern protects Fargo on 790 and Chicago on 780. So says a QSL letter from the 70s.NRC
840KVJY Pharr TX Licensed for U4 5K/1K KVJY is operating under a Special Temporary Authorization with U4 1K/1K (in actuality they are operating 24 hours using the nighttime pattern) as one of the towers used in the daytime array is in need of repairs and has been taken out of service.NRC
910WUBR Baton Rouge LA Silent 12/2011.NRC
910KKSN Vancouver WA CP for U4 3.3K/4.3K is on the air after relocating to a new 3-tower transmitter site at 45-33-30/122-28-57. The new day pattern consists of two lobes as a figure-8 laying on its side with the top (the smaller of the two lobes) to the west and the bottom (larger lobe) to the east. How’s that for a a description? The new night pattern is a simple circle based at Vancouver headed west with two tiny ‘blips’ to the northeast and southeast.NRC
940WCPC Houston MS Minor change granted to lower night power to 6 watts from 250 using daytime towers. IRCA
940KOBY Cedar City UT Silent 12/2011.NRC
950KJR Seattle WA rKNBQ-102.9 CentraliaNRC
970WJMX Florence SC CP granted for U1 10K/31 reducing the night power from 3 kW and eliminating the need for their nighttime directional array.NRC
980KINS Eureka CA Has new call KWSW.NRC
980WDVH Gainesville FL Changed format from CW to TLK rWRZN-720.IRCA
1010WSPT Stevens Point WI Has new call WPCN.RDXWI
1030WNOW Mint Hill NC Changed format from ESPD to S/REL.IRCA
1030WNOW Mint Hill NC Uses slogan "Poder Cristiana".IRCA
1130WEAF Camden SC Silent 12/2011.NRC
1180K... Reno NV CP granted for U2 7500/950 from 3 towers (1 by day and 3 by night) at 39-34-05/119-45-12.NRC
1210KTBK Auburn-Federal Way WA Has new call KMIA.IRCA
1230KKEE Astoria OR Has new call KVAS.IRCA
1340WSTV Steubenville OH Silent 12/2011.RDXWI
1360KWDJ Ridgecrest CA Silent 12/2011.IRCA
1420WVJS Owensboro KY Licensed for U4 5K/1K WVJS has applied for U1 980/20. They are now operating under a Special Temporary Authorization with U1 200/20 as they conduct field tests for the new facility.NRC
1440KPTO Pocatello ID Silent 11/2011.DXMA
1450KWFM Tucson AZ Has new call KTZR.DXMA
1470KNFL Tremonton UT Silent 11/2011.IRCA
1480WUBA Philadelphia PA Has new call WDAS.FCC
1560W... Village of Superior WI CP granted for U4 5K/4K from six towers at 46-34-44/92-06-21. Both day and night patterns will be slender lobes headed due north.NRC
1580WHFS Morningside MD Has new call WNEW.NRC
1590KQLO Sun Valley NV Silent 12/2011.NRC
1600WAMS Dover DE Has new call WRJE.NRC
1600WXMY Saltville VA CP for U1 23K/11 is now on from the adjusted transmitter location of 36-51-20/81-43-34.NRC
kHzAlaska News 08NOV2011Source
550KTZN Anchorage AK License to cover for 3.1K/5K NDA 61-09-58/149-49-34.IRCA
1430KMBQ Wasilla AK Has new call KWAP.NRC
kHzUSA News 08NOV2011Source
610WVBE Roanoke VA Minor change to 7K/2.5K from 5K/1K still DA-2 at 37-18-12/80-02-31.IRCA
910KCJB Minot ND Has returned to U4 5K/5K after operating under a Special Temporary Authorization due to technical problems.NRC
930WJBY Rainbow City AL Back on the air with GOS format.NRC
960WFIR Roanoke VA Minor change to 10K/4.4K from 5K/5K still DA-2 at new site 37-18-08/80-02-32.IRCA
1000WMUF Paris TN Has new call WRQR.NRC
1020WSBX Ochlocknee GA Back on the air with S/AC/HITS format.NRC
1160KSFF Waukon IA Changed format from from AC to SPO:FSR. Has also new call KFXE.DXMA
1170WACV Montgomery AL Is now on with U1 10K/4. They removed four of their five towers and eliminated the nighttime directional requirement.NRC
1190WIXE Monroe NC Is now on with U1 25K/85, increasing both power levels.NRC
1230KRXK Rexburg ID Silent 10/2011.IRCA
1370KRAC Quincy CA Minor change to 4K/200 DA-2 change COL to Red Bluff CA. New site at 40-11-37 / 122-12-56.IRCA
1370WPAZ Pottstown PA Has new call WBZH.FCC
1380WWMI St.Petersburg FL Is now on the air with U2 9.8K/6.5K.NRC
1400WQXO Munising MI Is operationg at reduced power of 100 watts with a temporary wire antenna after it's tower collapsed.UMB
1400KVOU Uvdale TX Silent 10/2011.NRC
1520KKXA Snohomish WA Is now on the air (after a 14-year battle) with U6 20K/50K CH 50K. The CH and night patterns are identical, being ‘fat’ lobes to the northwest. We assume the patterns are to protect KOKC. They continue to have an application for U6 50K/50K CH 50K.NRC
1530WOBX Wanchese NC Back on the air with GOS format.IRCA
1570K... Fritch TX CP granted for U4 12K/1K from three towers (2-day/3-night) at 35-37-26/101-37-38. The day pattern is a large circular lobe to the northwest while the night pattern is a plot similar in shape headed to the northeast. Fritch is in the Texas Panhandle northeast of Amarillo.NRC
kHzAlaska News 10OCT2011Source
930KNSA Unalakleet AK CP U1 4.2K/4.2K is on the air.NRC
kHzCanada News 10OCT2011Source
540CBGA-1 Grande Anse NB Applies to shut down the 540 signal and launch five FMs:Chandler, QC on 93.5, New Carlisle, QC on 98.7, New Richmond, QC on 104.3,Perce, QC on 104.5 and Port Daniel on 92.5. All FMs would be rCBGA-102.1 Matane QC.NRC
1140CBI Sydney NS The CBC has put CBI's CP to move to 94.1 MHz on the back burner (if not cancelled altogether). For now, CBI remains on 1140 with U2 10K/10K.NRC
1310CHLW St.Paul AB Their CP deadline to move to 97.7 MHz has been extended to April 21, 2012.NRC
1370CFOK Westlock AB Went dark on September 6 immediately after FM flip to CKWB-97.9 without utilizing authorized 90 day simulcast period.IRCA
1400CKSQ Stettler AB Applied to move to 93.3.NRC
1400CKGR Golden BC Their new FM on 106.3 MHz is now on, giving the 1400 outlet a maximum of 90 days left on the air.NRC
1550CBE Windsor ON Ceased AM broadcasts on 01OCT2011 around 04 UTC.NRC, IRCA
kHzUSA News 10OCT2011Source
570WNAX Yankton SD Licensed for U2 5K/5K, WNAX is operating under a Special Temporary Authorization (STA) with U1 5K/1250 as they are rebuilding their tower #1's doghouse and adding an FM antenna on the tower. When finished, the new equipment will accommodate the addition of translator K260BO-99.9 MHz. No completion date was specified.NRC
680KTRB San Francisco CA Licensed for U4 50K/50K from two transmitter/antenna sites, KTRB is operating under an STA with U1 50K/12.5K from their day site as it was determined that their night transmitter has been damaged due to the generators (no power grid serves the site) not being able to provide stable, reliable power. This mode of operation may be in use for several months.NRC
790WBLO Thomasville NC CP 10K/26 is on the air, increasing the daytime power.NRC
820WOSU Columbus OH Has new call WVSG.FCC
910WRFV Valdosta FL Silent 9/2011.NRC
910KCJB Minot ND Is now on with U4 5K/5K, increasing the night power from 1 kW. They added a tower and now use two during the day and three at night. The new night pattern is virtually a large circle based at Minot directed to the northeast with small lobes to the southeast and southwest.NRC
980KRTX Rosenberg-Richmond TX CP U4 5K/4K is on the air.NRC
990KTKT Tucson AZ Licensed for U4 10K/1K, KTKT is operating under an STA with U1 2.5K/250 after their tower site was vandalized.NRC
1050WBQH Silver Spring MD CP U1 10K/44 is on the air.NRC
1060WLNO New Orleans LA Licensed for U4 50K/5K, WLNO is operating under an STA with U4 5K/5K due to problems sustained to their transmitter building. The day pattern remains as it was, only smaller.NRC
1120KTXW Manor TX Initial CP was for U4 430/153. They then applied for U4 5.6K/153, which has been granted.NRC
1140WCJW Warsaw NY CP granted for D4 8K/0 CH 2.3K.NRC
1150KXET Portland OR Silent 9/2011.IRCA
1160WMET Gaithersburg MD Back on the air with REL format.IRCA
1180KGOL Humble TX Is now operating with U4 50K/3K.NRC
1270WHGS Hampton SC Silent 9/2011.IRCA
1300WJDA Quincy MA Silent 9/2011.IRCA
1330WBHV Somerset PA License cancelled and call deleted per licensee's request.NRC
1340KCFR Denver CO Has new call KVOQ.FCC
1340WHAT Philadelphia PA Back on the air with Spanish música format.NRC
1360WTOC Newton NJ Silent 9/2011.NRC
1360WMNY McKeesport PA Licensed for U2 5K/1K from two transmitter sites, WMNY is now operating U1 5K/250 from their day site as they experienced failure of their night transmitter.NRC
1370WVIE Pikesville MD Is now on with U4 50K/24K, upgrading the night facilities.NRC
1370WHYP Corry PA License and call letters reinstated.NRC
1380KRKO Everett WA Licensed for U2 5K/5K, KRKO was issued a CP for U2 34K/50K from a new 4-tower site at 47-52-32/122-04-42. They filed for, and now have been granted a further upgrade to become U2 50K/50K at that new site. Using a four towers both day and night, the patterns are large (almost) circles directed to the northwest.NRC
1390WZQQ Hazard KY Silent 9/2011.IRCA
1410KCAL Redlands CA Granted change of City of Lince to Grand Terrace. Move to co locate with KKDD. 3K/2.2K at 34-07-27/117-14-14.IRCA
1430WPNI Amherst MA Licensed for U4 5K/11, WPNI is operating under an STA with U1 1250/11. On September 18, tower #2 of their 2-tower array collapsed. They expect to be operating with this configuration for six months.NRC
1450WQKC Jeffersonville IN Back on the air with SPO:YSR format and "1450 The Sports Buzz" slogan.RDXWI
1450WBYU New Orleans LA Silent 9/2011.IRCA
1520WTRI Brunswick MD Silent 9/2011.NRC
1530WOBX Wanchese NC Silent 9/2011.IRCA
1550KFRC San Francisco CA Has new call KZDG, changed format from OLD to ETH:Indian and uses "Radio Zindagi" and "Jiye ... Ja!" slogans.IRCA, Wikipedia
1590WAMS Ocean City MD Has new call WQMR, changed format from OLD to TLK and uses slogan "Hot Talk".FCC,IRCA
1590WSMN Nashua NH CP granted to change antenna designation from U3 to U4 as they move to a new 3-tower site at 42-43-20/71-32-07 as they remain 5 kW day and night. Although the new patterns are basically the same as the old one (large circular plot to the northeast), the new night pattern now additionally directs a small amount of signal to the southeast, southwest and northwest. According to the application, these 'new' additions to the night pattern are to fill in coverage deficiencies where the old pattern failed due to population growth.NRC
1600WMHZ Dover DE Has new call WAMS. [This is the fourth time this station has changed to these calls!]NRC
kHzCanada News 04SEP2011Source
900CKDH Amherst NS Has signed on their FM as CKDH-FM (101.7 MHz). The 90-day- simulcast clock is ticking.NRC
1610CHHA Toronto ON CP for U4 6250/6250 granted. Although designated as "U4" (different patterns day and night), the patterns are identical. Basically, the patterns are a large circle based at Toronto and directed westward.NRC
kHzUSA News 04SEP2011Source
On August 1, 2011, it was announced that the Sporting News Radio network would change its name to Yahoo! Sports Radio, effective immediately. More information at AMFMTVDX via HS
730KBSU Boise ID Has new call KINF.NRC
960WVVB Birmingham AL Has new call WERC.IRCA
1120W... Coral Springs FL
CP has been granted for U7 9.5K/1.1K CH 6.7K from 5 towers (3-day and CH, 4 at night) at 26-16-64/80-17-39. The day and CH patterns are oval-shaped lobes to the north, while the night pattern is a long lobe to the northeast with a small 'blip' off the back.
1130KFAN Minneapolis MN
A little bit of radio geekiness for you: Clear Channel has completed the formal callsign changes that go along with its Twin Cities format swap. KFAN/1130 (Minneapolis) is now officially KTCN, short for "Twin Cities News/Talk". The KFAN callsign moved to the former KWEB/1270 (Rochester). The Rochester station is also owned by Clear Channel and carries "Fan" programming from what's now KFXN-FM/100.3 (Minneapolis). Clear Channel first changed KWEB to KTCN, which allowed it to swap the Minneapolis and Rochester callsigns with no risk of someone else grabbing KFAN. The KWEB callsign had been used in Rochester since 1957 and is now unassigned.
1170WKFL Bushnell FL Silent 8/2011.NRC
1170WDEK Lexington SC Back on the air with OLD format.NRC
1270KWEB Rochester MN Had new call KTCN and quite soon another new call KFAN.RDXWI
1280WDSP DeFuniak Springs FL Silent 8/2011.NRC
1310KGLB Glencoe MN Has new call KTWN.DXMA
1340WHAT Philadelphia PA Silent 8/2011.NRC
1480KNIT Dallas TX Silent 8/2011.IRCA
1540WNWR Philadelphia PA Was reported to be off last issue, but they were only switching to the China Radio Network. Apparently, the ESPN Spanish Sports Network objected to the swap. 1540 may have been off, but only for a day.NRC
kHzAlaska News 10AUG2011Source
1080KUDO Anchorage AK Silent 7/2011.IRCA
1330KXLJ Juneau AK Has new call KXXJ.FCC
kHzCanada News 10AUG2011Source
830CKKY Wainwright AB Granted to move to 1080, increase night power from 3,5K watts to 9K (day power will remain 10K).IRCA
1340CIBQ Brooks AB Silent on 22MAY2011 and moved to FM.NRC
1550CBE Windsor ON The simulcast period for CBE, which has moved to FM (CBEW-FM 97.5), has been extended by the CRTC to September 30. From the application, it seems that CBEW-FM is being QRMed by IBOC from the 97.1 and 97.9 stations in Detroit.NRC
kHzHawaii News 10AUG2011Source
1010NEW Honokaa HI Takes call KXFX.FCC
1110KAOI Kihei HI Has new call KIMO.NRC
kHzUSA News 10AUG2011Source
600WREC Memphis TN Licensed for U4 5K/5K, WREC is operating under an STA with U1 1250/1250 while WDIA-1070 is using one tower of WREC's array.NRC
610WAGG Birmingham AL Licensed for U2 5K/1K, WAGG is operating under an STA with U1 5K/250 due to, as stated on the FCC filing: "... as part of an extensive urban renewal initiative, the City of Birmingham has begun demolition, grading, and construction on land immediately adjacent to WAGG's nighttime antenna site. As part of this project, the ground system for one of WAGG's nighttime towers has been adversely altered and the heavy equipment on site has disrupted the transmission line feeding the tower."NRC
660KXOR Junction City OR Back on the air 6/2011.NRC
730KBSU Boise ID Has new call KINF.FCC
750KXL Portland OR Has new call KXTG.IRCA
790WAXY South Miami FL In November 2009, WAXY petitioned the FCC to, by way of a Special Temporary Authorization (STA), increase power to become U4 25K/25K in order to “overcome interference created by a co-channel station located in Cuba”, which was granted. That STA has been extended.NRC
840KMPH Modesto CA Back on the air 6/2011.NRC
860KTRB San Francisco CA Back on the air with S/SPO:ESPN Deportes format.IRCA
970WDAY Fargo ND Back on the air at reduced power after a Memorial Day storm.UMB
970KXFD Protland OR Has new call KUFO.NRC
1060WILB Canton OH License to cover 15K/15K DA-2 at 40-50-03/81-25-48 IRCA
1070WCSZ Sans Souci SC Back on the air with S/AC format.IRCA
1070WDIA Memphis TN WDIA is licensed for U4 10K/1K. After flooding damaged its transmitter site and the station was off the air temporarily, WDIA is now operating under an STA with U1 1250/1250 using one tower of co-owned WREC's 3-tower array at 35-11-42/90-00-35.NRC
1100WISS Berlin WI CP granted for D4 50K/0 CH 20K. Adding one new tower, the new patterns will be kidney-shaped headed to the northwest.NRC
1110WGNZ Fairborn OH License to cover 5K/2w 1.7K CH DA-3 at 39-39-53/86-56-38 IRCA
1120NEW Coral Springs FL New CP 9.5K/ 6.7K CH DA-3 at 26-16-54/80-17-39IRCA
1120KANN Roy UT CP is on with U4 10K/1.1K.NRC
1140KSOO Sioux Falls SD Using reduced power of 1K/1K instead of licensed 10K/5K.UMB
1160KHPP Waukon IA Has new call KSFF.FCC
1170WACV Montgomery AL Licensed for U4 10K/1K and having applied for U4 10K/4, WACV is operating under an STA with U1 4500/7.NRC
1190KXMX Anaheim CA Has new call KGBN.NRC
1190WAFS Atlanta GA CP granted for D1 25K/0, deleting their current authorization for CH 2300.NRC
1190WAGE Leesburg VA Has new call WCRW.NRC
1190WCRW Leesburg VA Is now on here (ex: 1200) with U4 50K/1300. They are now a two-site operation. The three-tower day site at 39-02-28/77-26-42 sends a large circular lobe to the southeast. Night operation is at the former 1200 site at 39-07-25/77-37-31, where they built two additional towers making a total of four. That array sends an elongated main lobe to the southeast, with smaller lobes to the southwest, northwest and northeast.NRC
1230KVOC Casper WY Silent 6/2011.IRCA
1240KRJY Sacramento CA Has new call KCVV.FCC
1250KZDC San Antonio TX Licensed for U4 25K/1K from two different sites, KZDC has a CP to move to two new (again separate) sites with U4 25K/2K. They lost their lease on the ‘old' properties, and were granted an STA for U1 6250/250, operating non-directional from the ‘new' day site. They completed the ‘new' day site and have been operating there, but had problems with the ‘new' night site. Thus the STA. Now they have proposed a move to yet, another night site with 920 Watts. That new site is the four tower array of coowned KTSA-550 with 920 Watts (taller towers = lower power). They propose adding a fifth tower for the sole use of KZDC. Of the new total of five towers, KTSA will continue in their current configuration of using four at night, and mKZDC's night operation will use the proposed fifth tower and three of the KTSA array.NRC
1260KGIL Beverly Hills CA Has new call KMZT.NRC
1280WMXB Tuscaloosa AL CP granted for U1 5K/35, eliminating their nighttime directional operation.NRC
1310WDOD Chatanooga TN Silent 6/2011.DXMA
1310KTCK Dallas TX Is now on with U4 25K/5K.NRC
1330KJLL South Tucson AZ Silent 7/2011.IRCA
1330WBHV Somerset PA Silent 6/2011.IRCA
1340WMON Montgomery WV Back on the air with ROK format. r105.1 .IRCA
1350KZTD Cabot AR Silent 6/2011.NRC
1350KWMO Washington MO Silent 4/2011.NRC
1400WPAY Portsmouth OH Silent 6/2011.DXMA
1410WDKS Cleveland MS License cancelled and call deleted 6/2011.NRC
1430WNSW Newark NJ Is now on the air with U4 10K/7K.NRC
1450KIOV Notus ID Has new call KWEI.NRC
1450WMJQ Milford PA New station is on the air with U1 1K/1K at 41-20-10/74-47-45.NRC
1460KCLE Burleson TX Is now on with U4 11K/700.NRC
1480WWKO Fair Bluff NC Has new call WQTM.NRC
1480WQTM Fair Bluff NC Back on the air with SPO:SNR format.IRCA
1490KOTN Pine Bluff AR License cancelled and call deleted 6/2011.NRC
1490WPNT South Bend IN License and call deleted 7/2011.IRCA
1490KBIS Forks WA Has new call KRKZ.FCC
1520NEW Shonomish WA Takes call KKXA.NRC
1540WNWR Philadelphia PA Silent 6/2011.IRCA
1550WSDK Bloomfield CT Back on the air with REL format.NRC
1550KESJ St.Joseph MO Is now on with U2 2500/500 from a new 4-tower site at 39-49-39/98-48-39. This new ‘site', incidentally, is located between the two towers of co-owned KFEQ-680.NRC
1580WPMP Pascagoula-Moss Point MS Has new call WPMO.NRC
1580WVZN Columbia PA Silent 5/2011.NRC
1590WMHZ Ocean City MD Has new call WAMS.NRC
1600WAMS Dover DE Has new call WMHZ.FCC
1660KXTR Kansas City KS Has new call KUDL.NRC
kHzAlaska News 03APR2011Source
1430KMBQ Wasilla AK Silent 3/2011.NRC
kHzCanada News 03APR2011Source
830CKKY Wainwright AB The Application by CKKY-830 Wainwright AB to move to 1080 has been approved by the CRTC. Day power remains 10 kW but the night power increases from 3.5 kW to 9 kW. 1080 is the old CKSA-1080 Lloydminster AB frequency, they moved to FM some years ago. WCCO currently gives severe QRM problems for CKKY at night.NRC
1650CINA Mississauga ON CP granted to raise daytime power to become U1 5000/680 CH 1000. [note: Critical Hours in Canada is 90 minutes after sunrise and 90 minutes prior to sunset, versus the two hours in the U.S.]NRC
kHzUSA News 03APR2011Source
550WDDZ Pawtucket RI Back on the air with BUS/TLK format.IRCA
600KGEZ Kalispell MT Back on the air with OLD format.NRC
770WEW St.Louis MO CP granted for 10K/1K DA-2. This grant is to shorten tower height to comply with local zoning requirements.IRCA
940WGRP Greenville PA Silent 2/2011.NRC
960WERC Birmingham AL Has new call WVVB.IRCA
990KZZB Beaumont TX Silent 2/2011.NRC
1010KIQI San Francisco CA CP granted for 35K/15K DA-2 from 10K /500 DA-2. New site at 37-49-34/122-18-41.AMLOGBOOK
1060WQOM Natick MA Back on the air with REL:Catholic format.AMLOGBOOK
1060WILB Canton OH Is now on the air with D3 15000/0 CH 15000, adding the CH operation.NRC
1070WCSZ Sans Souci SC CP granted for U2 50K/1.5K and most likely is on the air now.NRC
1180K... Jacksonville OR CP granted for 50K/1.3K DA-N at 42-17-44 / 122-48-15.IRCA
1230KLIC Richwood LA Granted to change COL from Monroe LA 1K/1K NDA New site at 32-25-41/92-04-43.AMLOGBOOK
1240KMZK Billings MT Has new call KJCR.DXMA
1250WHNY McComb MS Silent 2/2011.AMLOGBOOK
1260KWEI Weiser ID Has new call KTRP.NRC
1370KZSF San Jose CA Silent 2/2011.AMLOGBOOK
1450WLUX Dunbar WV CP is on the air with U1 1K/1K at 38-20-57/81-44-53. With “St.Paul Radio” and Catholic programming per
1470WLOA Farrell PA Silent 2/2011.AMLOGBOOK
1490KIBL Beeville TX Silent 2/2011.IRCA
1510WQQW Highland IL Silent 3/2011.DXMA
1520K... Snohomish WA CP granted for U8 20K/50K CH 50K from four towers (all used during night and CH operation yielding identical patterns) at 47-52-32/122-04-40. The patterns are butterfly wing shaped with the signal headed covering from north-northwest to west. Snohomish is located about 5 miles due west of Everett.NRC
1550WDZK Bloomfield CT Has new call WSDK.NRC
1580WIOL Columbus GA Silent 3/2011.IRCA
1590WKHZ Ocean City MD Has new call WMHZ.AMLOGBOOK
1590KCNN East Grand Forks MN Has new call KGFK.DXMA
1590KLRK Mexia TX Silent 3/2011.IRCA
1680KGED Fresno CA Is now on with U1 10K/1K (unchanged) after moving to the tower of KQEQ-1210 Fowler at 36-39-37/119-41-01.NRC
kHzCanada News 10FEB2011 (Published here on 30MAR2011)Source
560CHTK Prince Rupert BC The move to FM 99.1 MHz has been approved by the CRTC.IRCA
830CKKY Wainwright AB Has applied to the CRTC to move to 1080 (the old CKSA Lloydminster AB frequency) and to increase its night power to 9 kW. Day power would remain at the present 10 kW. Two applications by CKKY to move to FM were turned down by the CRTC some time ago. Looking at the coverage maps in the application, the signal would be directed north in a broad lobe, with nulls to the south.IRCA
1450CHOR Summerland BC Has signed off as the 90-day simulcast period with their new FM, CHOR-FM 98.5 has expired.NRC
kHzUSA News 10FEB2011 (Published here on 30MAR2011)Source
890KLFF Arroy Grande CA CP granted for U4 5K/5K. The new day pattern is a circle based at Arroyo Grande (essentially non-directional) and a new night pattern remains unchanged (large circle to the southwest) except for three very small lobes off the back directed to the northeast, eastnortheast, and east-southeast, better serving the city-of-license.NRC
930WPAT Paterson NJ Back at their licensed U4 5K/5K after transmitter site repairs.NRC
1030K... Elk Grove CA CP granted for U4 50K/10K from a 4-tower site (3-days/4-nights) at 38-16-01/121-06-44. Elk Grove is located about 10 miles to the southeast of Sacramento.NRC
1150KLPM Portland OR Has new call KXET.AMLOGBOOK, IRCA, NRC
1190WBIS Annapolis MD Has new call WCRW.AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
1240KCLV Clovis NM Silent 1/2011.AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
1290WCFI Ocala FL License cancelled and call deleted, because station had been silent since 2004.NRC
1310KMKY Oakland CA CP granted for U4 5K/5K changing the antenna code from U3. The pattern will not change.NRC
1310KEIN Great Falls MT Silent 1/2011.NRC
1320WJAS Pittsburgh PA CP granted for U4 7000/3300. Along with the daytime power increase, WJAS moves the day transmitter to the nighttime site at 40-28-46/79-54-12. So, they are no longer a two-site operation.NRC
1350WJBY Gadsden AL Has new call WGAD.AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
1460WPON Walled Lake MI Silent 1/2011.AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
1470WNBL Huntington WV Frequency change to 1200 kHz.IRCA
1480WWKO Fair Bluff NC Back on the air with CP U1 10K/48.NRC
1550KKAD Vancouver WA Has new call KKOV.NRC
1570WANR Warren OH Has new call WHTX.AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
1590WKTP Jonesborough TN Licensed for U4 5K/5K, WKTP is operating under an STA with U1 1250/1250, as it was discovered that the station had not been operating within licensed directional antenna parameters. They will continue under the STA until the problem is corrected.NRC
kHzAlaska News 11JAN2011Source
1020KOAN Eagle River AK Back on the air with TLK format.AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
1080KUDO Anchorage AK Silent 1/2011.AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
kHzCanada News 11JAN2011Source
1020CKVH High Prairie AB Moved to FM and silent on AM 11/2010.IRCA
1550CBE Windsor ON On 7 December 2010 the new FM at 97.5 intended to replace CBE has signed on, meaning the AM has 90 days of life.NRC
kHzGreenland News 11JAN2011Source
All FrequenciesOn February 11 2011 at 8 AM local time all medium wave stations carrying KNR (Radio Greenland) - Upernavik (810 kHz), Uummannaq (900 kHz), Qeqertarsuaq (650 kHz), Nuuk (570 kHz) og Simiutaq (720 kHz) - will be switched off for good, and the transmitters will be dismantled. On the same day the relays of KNR newscasts twice daily via Tasiilaq 3815 kHz will also cease.Stig Hartvig Nielsen
kHzHawaii News 11JAN2011Source
1320KEWA Ewa Beach HI CP for a new station cancelled and call deleted.NRC
1570KUAU Haiku HI Silent 1/2011. Off due to water damage suffered from recent heavy rains.NRC
kHzUSA News 11JAN2011Source
550WDDZ Pawtucket RI Has new call WBZS.NRC
570KACP Salt Lake City UT Has new call KNRS.AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
620WHEN Syracuse NY Changed format from SPO to UC and uses slogan "Power 6-20".AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
1000KTOK Oklahoma City OK CP granted for a power increase to U4 5.8K/5.8K (from 5K). Their patterns shapes are unaffected, only a slight increase in coverage area.NRC
1190WBIS Annapolis MD Silent 1/2011, allowing WAGE-1200 Leesburg VA to complete it's upgrade and move to 1190.NRC
1190WAGE Leesburg VA CP for U4 50K/1.3K was heard testing during the daytime on 30DEC2010 with 70s and 80s Classic Rock. Not heard after 4:15 PM local, which is one hour prior to LSS at their location. Possibly testing their day antenna pattern only?NRC
1230KKPC Pueblo CO CP granted for U1 1K/1K [unchanged] after they build a new (slightly shorter) tower after demolition the current tower. They claim their current tower “is leaning and the turnbuckles are rusted, preventing re-alignment. The tower is in an unsafe condition.”NRC
1250WHNY McComb MS License cancelled and call letters deleted 1/2011.NRC
1250WEAE Pittsburgh PA Has new call WDDZ.NRC
1260KGIL Beverly Hills CA Granted to modify CP to 50K/7.5K DA-2 at 34-14-57/118-27-14.AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
1350WOAM Peoria IL Back on the air with NOS format.RDXWI
1430KLO Ogden UT License granted to cover 25K/5K DA-2 at 41-02-00 / 112-01-37.AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
1480WWKO Fair Bluff NC Granted license to cover for 10K/48 NDA at 34-19-23/79-00-07.AMLOGBOOK, IRCA
1490KBIS Forks WA Silent 1/2011. Off due to a lightning strike.NRC
1590WKHZ Ocean City MD Has new call WMHZ. (KHZ->MHZ = moving to FM?/ed.)AMLOGBOOK, IRCA

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