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North America News Watch 2012

kHzCanada News 07NOV2012Source
540CBEF Windsor ON Approved 19OCT2012 to move to 1550 10K/10K and rFM-98.3 Sarnia ON. Started 02NOV2012 on 1550 kHz.DXMA
570CFWH Whitehorse YT Has moved to FM and AM is silent.NRC
580CFRA Ottawa ON Granted to increase night power from 10K to 30K (day power will remain 50K) and modify the authorized contoursIRCA
590CFAR Flin Flon MB Applied to move to FM 102.9. CFAR AM 590 will remain on the air as a nested repeater.IRCA
610CHTM Thompson MB Applied to move to FM 102.9. CHTM AM 610 will remain on the air as a nested repeater.IRCA
680CHFA Edmonton AB The AM transmitter site is being sold, so (contrary to earlier speculation) this one will be going off the air with the 01SEP2012 move to FM.NRC
710CJRN Niagara Falls ON Silent because renewal was denied.DXMA
930CJYQ St.John's NL CP for U5 25K/3.5K is on the air.NRC
1230CFFB Iqaluit NU Granted 50-watt relays in Inukjuak, Kuujjuaq, Kuujjuarapik,Puvirnituq, and Salluit (all QC) on 103.5 MHz FM; these to replace "CKCX-SW" (CBC Radio North on 9625 kHz) which was to sign off permanently on November 1 (but still on the air as of 02NOV2012).NRC
1400CKSQ Stettler AB CP to move to FM is on the air as of 15OCT2012 1000 ELT. AM has up to 90 days to simulcast before its license is cancelled.NRC
1550CBEF Windsor ON CBEF is on the air testing here (and still on 540 kHz too for the time being; will move to 1550 permanently).NRC
kHzUSA News 07NOV2012Source
820WBKK Wilton MN New U4 15K/750 station testing on the air.NRC
850WKGE Johnstown PA Silent 10/2012.IRCA
910WUBR Baton Rouge LA Back on the air 11/2012 with SPO:FSR format.NRC
930WJBY Rainbow City AL Has new call WGAD.FCC
940KYNO Fresno CA Has new call KFIG.NRC
1170KYET Golden Valley AZ 1180 KYET Williams AZ CP moved here with U1 6K/1. It should be ready to start testing.NRC
1240WVKZ Schenectady NY Has new call WPTR.FCC
1270WHGS Hampton SC Back on the air with AC format as "Variety Hits FM" and rWBHC-92.1.NRC
1280WNAM Neenah-Menasha WI Granted CP for U4 50K/5K. This replaces a similar CP that expired in June.NRC
1310KMKY Oakland CA CP for U4 5K/5K is on the air.NRC
1380WWMI St.Petersburg FL CP for U4 9.8K/6.5K is on the air.NRC
1390WAJD Gainesville FL Back on the air 10/2012.IRCA
1400KDTA Delta CO Has new call KJYE.FCC
1430KFIG Fresno CA Has new call KYNO.NRC
1450WBYU New Orleans LA License cancelled 10/2012, calls deleted at licensee's request.NRC
1450WENJ Atlantic City NJ Has new call WPGG.LEM319
1470WJPI Plymouth NC License cancelled 10/2012 due to the station being silent for one year.NRC
1510WWZN Boston MA Has new call WUFC.DXMA
1520WLGC Greenup KY Silent 10/2012.IRCA
kHzAlaska News 07OCT2012Source
1400CP Juneau AK CP granted for U1 25K/1K. It is interesting to note that no explanation or justification was offered in the application as to why they applied for a Class B station with 25 kW on 1400 kHz. But, the FCC accepted the application.NRC
1430KWAP Wasilla AK Reported Silent again 9/2012IRCA
kHzCanada News 07OCT2012Source
580CKUA Edmonton AB Moving to at 9804 Jasper Ave., Edmonton AB T5J 0C5.NRC
590CFAR Flin Flon MB Applies for an FM station at 102.9 MHz FM, but retaining the AM station as a repeater for the new FM.NRC
610CHTM Thompson MB Applies for an FM station at 102.9 MHz FM, but retaining the AM station as a repeater for the new FM.NRC
680CHFA Edmonton AB The station has a CP to move to 90.1 MHz, and has been operating on 90.1 MHz relaying AM since 01SEP2012. The CBC "Espace Musique" station that had been on 90.1 has moved to 101.1 MHz, which used to be a "nested repeater" for CHFA. The original CRTC decision provided that CHFA had to sign off on AM 90 days after the FM came on the air, but some think that since no new FM station actually came on the air, 680 might be able to stay on.NRC
690CKGM Montreal QC Heard 17SEP2012 testing with "CKGM TSN Radio testing on 690 kHz" audio. Moving from 990, CKGM will be simulcasting on both frequencies for 90 days when 990 will probably be re-licensed.NRC
800CJAD Montréal QC As of Tuesday 04SEP2012 CJAD 800 moved to address: 1717 René-Levesque, Montreal QC H2L 4T9 corner Papineau.NRC
800CHRC Quebec QC Went off the air, closing the station, on Sunday 30SEP2012 evening at Midnight eastern time. The station broadcasted in French and IDed as "Quebec 800" (huit-cent). The station's webpage had live streaming at This was the last AM radio station on the air in the provincial capital Quebec City. The station first went on the air on April 1, 1926. Another heritage station fades into history. NRC
1050CKSB Winnipeg MB Applies to move to 88.1 MHz FM.NRC
1240CBXX Rainbow Lake AB LPRT applies to move to 101.5 MHz FM.NRC
1240CJAR The Pas MB Applies for an FM station at 102.9 MHz FM, but retaining the AM station as a repeater for the new FM.NRC
1460CBKC Fort Vemilion AB LPRT applies to move to 105.1 MHz FM.NRC
1540CBXD Edson AB LPRT applies to move to 95.3 MHz FM.NRC
1560CBKD High Level AB LPRT applies to move to 99.5 MHz FM.NRC
kHzHawaii News 07OCT2012Source
1080KWAI Honolulu HI Has a CP to correct its coordinates and antenna pattern, which are incorrect in the current license. To satisfy the CP, it needs to conduct tests to recertify the antenna system, and to do those tests, a total of 14 stations need to go off the air for 6 hours on 2 consecutive nights. The engineering firm wants to do this on a Saturday and Sunday night, "as early in the evening as is practical." The stations are KSSK-590, KHNR-690, KGU-760, KHVH-830, KHCM-880, KIKI-990, KLHT-1040, KWAI-1080, KZOO-1210, KNDI-1270, KKEA-1420, KHRA-1460, KHKA-1500, and KREA-1540. In the meantime, KWAI was granted an STA on 9/7 to keep operating at variance from the incorrectly specified license for another six months. Honolulu DXers, expect the mother of all silent periods soon!NRC
kHzUSA News 07OCT2012Source
540WETC Wendell-Zebulon NC Licensed for U4 5K/400, WETC has a CP for U4 10K/500. This amendment requests U7 10K/500 CH 10K.NRC
820WBKK Wilton MN Has signed on.RDXWI
820WBKK Wilton MN CP for new station with U4 10K/750 was granted program test authority on 05SEP2012, should be testing soon if it's not already.NRC
830KOTC Memphis TN CP granted for U1 8K/2 CH 8K. [ex: D1 3K/0]NRC
890KYWN Meridian ID Silent 9/2012.DXMA
910WLAT New Britain CT Granted CP to U2 5K/2.8K, reducing night power and moving to three towers rather than four.NRC
930WJBY Rainbow City AL Has new call WGAD.NRC
930KOGA Ogallala NE Granted amendment to CP to U2 2100/500, reducing day power and eliminating directional antenna daytime.NRC
1150KXET Portland OR Silent station back on the air with S/MEX "La Gran D".NRC
1170WACV Montgomery AL Has new call sign WGMP.FCC
1220KDOW Palo Alto CA CP for U4 50K/50K has been cancelled, leaving KDOW with U1 5K/145.NRC
1230WENY Elmira NY Granted STA to operate with "low power" (unspecified). Station had been silent on 28JUL2012 when a tornado collapsed part of the tower; station resumed operations at low power on 21SEP2012 and will continue to do so until repairs are completed.NRC
1240WVKZ Schenectady NY Has new call WPTR.IRCA
1260WFJS Trenton NJ CP granted for 5.9K/2.5K from 5K/2.5K DA-2.IRCA
1330KCKM Monahans TX CP is on the air for U2 12K/1K. [ex:U2 5K/1K]NRC
1350WGAD Gadsden AL Has new call WTDR.NRC
1350KCOX Jasper TX Back on the air with TLK format.NRC
1370KZSF San Jose CA Heard in Norway in early 2012, so back on air. Maybe also 1500 KSJX CA from the same tower has reactivated?OJS
1380WHEW Franklin TN License cancelled and call sign deleted.IRCA
1400KDTA Delta CO Has new call KJYE.DXMA
1440KPTO Pocatello ID Application to extend silent STA dismissed; station informs the FCC that it resumed broadcasting 26SEP2012.NRC
1450KSNY Snyder TX Reported SilentIRCA
1460WPON Walled Lake MI Application to extend silent STA dismissed; station informed the FCC that it resumed broadcasting on 20SEP2012.NRC
1550WAZX Smyrna GA Silent 9/2012.DXMA
1550KZRK Canyon TX Applies for silent STA; has been silent since 30AUG2012 while the transmitter has been returned to the manufacturer for repair.NRC
kHzAlaska News 12SEP2012Source
950KSEW Seward AK Silent 5/2012.IRCA
1360K... Tyonek AK CP issued for U1 20K/20K from a 193 foot tower at 60-59-08/150-26-54. Tyonek is located on the east edge of Kenai Peninsula on Cook Inlet about 50 miles west-southwest of Anchorage. Plotting the coordinates, the tower is located 25 miles from Tyonek across the inlet.NRC
1430KWAP Wasilla AK Back on the air.IRCA
kHzCanada News 12SEP2012Source
570CFWH Whitehorse YT Simulcast time for FM conversion has expired and AM transmissions have ended 0n 31AUG2012.IRCA
680CHFA Edmonton AB Granted to move to FM-90.1.IRCA
690CKGM Montreal QC Moved from 990 kHz on 04SEP2012.IRCA
700CJLI Calgary AB This new station, not yet on the air, has been granted an extension to April 24, 2013 to take to the air. Issues securing land for their transmitter/tower site were cited.NRC
990CKGM Montreal QC Moved on 04SEP2012 to 690 kHz and will simulcast here for 90 days.IRCA
1240CFLM La Tuque QC Proposed to move to FM-97.1. The existing French Language Eclectic music format will remain.IRCA
1340CFYK Yellowknife NT Proposed to move to FM-98.9.IRCA
1400CKSQ Stettler AB Granted to move to FM 93.3, format will remain CW.IRCA
1570CKMW Winkler MB Move to FM-103.7 granted.DXMA
kHzHawaii News 12SEP2012Source
1260K... Keaau HI CP issued for U1 5K/1K from a 185 foot tower at 19-41-48/155-03-05. Keaau is on the island of Hawaii about 10 miles southeast of Hilo.NRC
kHzUSA News 12SEP2012Source
540KMLB Monroe LA Is now on the air with U1 4K/26.NRC
540WRGC Sylva NC CP is on the air for U1 5K/140 [ex: U2 1K/250 on 680 kHz]NRC
640WWLS Moore OK Has new call KWPN.DXMA
820WVSG Columbus OH CP granted for U2 6500/790.NRC
850WKIX Raleigh NC Has new call WPTK.IRCA
890KYWN Meridian ID Back on the air with TLK format. Power is now 5K/125.DXMA
980KICA Clovis NM Silent 5/2012.IRCA
990KTKT Tucson AZ Change granted to U4 10K/490 at 32-15-19 / 111-00-32 IRCA
1030WCTS Maplewood MN Change granted for U4 50K/4K from U4 50K/1K at 44-52-01/92-54-02.IRCA
1050WFSC Franklin NC CP is on the air for U1 5K/153 [ex: U1 1K/153] from the adjusted coordinates of 35-12-40/83-22-07.NRC
1060KNLV Ord NE CP granted to increase their daytime power to become U1 1K/23.NRC
1110KWDB Oak Harbor WA Has new call KRPA.NRC
1120WXJO Douglasville GA Change granted to D4 10K/0 CH 9K from D1 1K/0 at 33-45-48 / 84-44-28.IRCA
1180KOIL Bellevue NE Has new call KZOT.FCC
1190KQQZ Fairview Heights IL CP for U4 25K/650 is on the air [ex: U4 1K/22].NRC
1200WINK Pine Island Center FL CP for U4 50K/1K is now on [Ex: U4 10K/1K].NRC
1220KQMG Independence IA Back on the air with SPO:ESPN format.NRC
1230WMML Glens Falls NY Back on the air with SPO:FSR format.IRCA
1250KDNZ Cedar Falls IA Has new call KCFI.NRC
1250WHNY McComb MS Application for reinstatement of license. Station is now officially deleted.NRC
1270KPDA Twin Falls ID Has new call KXQT and format changed from Spanish to Comedy as "Funny 12-70".DXMA
1290KKAR Omaha NE Has new call KOILDXMA
1330WNTA Rockford IL Format is now Comedy as "Funny 1330".IRCA
1350KDZA Pueblo CO Has new call KCCY.FCC
1350WLMA Greenwood SC License candelled and call sign deleted.NRC
1360WMOB Mobile AL Change granted for new site U4 9K/200 at 30-40-54/88-00-02.IRCA
1380KSLG St. Louis MO Has new call KXFN.IRCA
1390KJOX Yakima WA Has new call KTCR.FCC
1400KBDB Sparks NV Silent 3/2012. Has new call KNNR.DXMA
1400WPAY Portsmouth OH Call sign and license deleted. Station silent since 3JUN2011.IRCA
1400KVOU Uvalde TX Has new call KGWU.FCC
1400KENT Parowan UT Silent 6/2012.IRCA
1420WVJS Owensboro KY CP is on the air for U1 980/20 [ex: U4 5000/1000].NRC
1420WCED DuBois PA CP is on the air for U1 4200/5 [ex: U2 5000/500]NRC
1430WATB Decatur GA CP for U5 50K/174 from U4 1K/51 at 33-47-13/84-14-53.IRCA
1430KZQZ St.Louis MO CP for U4 50K/5K is on the air [Ex: U4 5K/5K].NRC
1450KBPS Portland OR Silent 7/2012IRCA
1460WXBR Brockton MA Silent 8/2012IRCA
1470WJPI Plymouth NC Silent 6/2012.IRCA
1480WGUS Augusta GA Has new call WCHZ.FCC
1480WADR Remsen NY Has new call WRCK.NRC
1490KXLQ Indianola IA Back on the air with SPO:YSR format as "The Jock".RDXWI
1490KFON Austin TX Has new call KLGO.FCC
1540W... Southchase FL CP granted for U4 7K/300 from three new towers (all used day and night) at 28-23-12/81-21-54. The day and night patterns throw lobes to the northeast and southwest a minor lobe to the northwest and a null to the southeast. Southchase is located between Orlando and Kissimmee.NRC
1540WDCD Albany NY Silent 4/2012.IRCA
1550KIVA Albuquerque NM Has new call KRKE.IRCA
1580WNTF Bithlo FL Back on the air with S/REL format.IRCA
1590WCGO Evanston IL CP granted for U2 7200/2000 at the adjusted coordinates of 42-01-15/87-42-34.NRC
1590WZRX Jackson MS Renewal application cancelled. License surrenderedIRCA
1590KLRK Mexia TX Back on the air with AC format.IRCA
1600WAIA Beaver Dam KY License candelled and call sign deleted.NRC
1600KRKE Albuquerque NM Has new call KIVA.IRCA
1650KYHN Ft.Smith AR Back on the air with NWS/TLK format.DXMA
kHzAlaska News 07MAR2012Source
950KSEW Seward AK Back on the air with AC format as "Seward's New Phoenix".NRC
1160KHFT Chugiak AK License cancelled and call sign deleted.NRC
kHzCanada News 07MAR2012Source
560CHTK Prince Rupert BC Signed off 2/2012. Moved to FM-99.1.NRC
570CFWH Whitehorse YT The CRTC has extended the time limit to move to 94.5 MHz to 27 October 2012.NRC
900CKMO Victoria BC Went silent on March 4, 2012 and moved activities entirely onto “digital distribution platform” (streaming on the Internet).NRC
kHzUSA News 07MAR2012Source
680WPTF Raleigh NC Is back to U2 50K/50K operation after temporarily being U1 50K/10K (incorrectly reported as 50K nights in a previous issue as the application did not specify). They were installing di-plexing equipment in order to accommodate WFNL-570 Raleigh.NRC
890KYWN Meridian ID CP granted for U1 50K/125, eliminating their nighttime DA operation to be omnidirectional 24 hours.NRC
900KALI West Covina CA Licensed for U4 500/79, KALI had a CP for U4 5K/79, then applied for U4 5K/150, which has been approved. The station is being relocated to the transmitter site of KAHZ-1600 at 34-01-48/117-43-35.NRC
930WGIN Rochester NH Has new call WPKX.IRCA
1020WSBX Ochlocknee GA Silent 3/2012.NRC
1020K… Star ID New CP granted 10K/460 DA-N at 43-43-01 / 116-34-04IRCA
1060KFOY Sparks NV This new station, not yet on the air, had a CP for U2 15K/370. They amended the application to U2 10K/250, which has been granted.NRC
1080KFXX Portland OR Is now on the air with U4 50K/9K.NRC
1160WJFJ Tryon NC CP granted for U2 25K/500, increasing the daytime power.NRC
1180K... Walsenburg CO CP granted for U4 20K/300.NRC
1180K… Reno NV CP takes call KCKQ.NRC
1200KPSF Desert Hot Springs CA CP granted for U4 5K/1300 from five towers (3-day; 5-night) at 33-50-35/116-25-39.NRC
1210WDGR Dahlonega GA Silent 2/2012.IRCA
1220WPHX Sanford ME Back on the air with NOS format as "The Legends". Has new call WWSF.NRC
1320KSDT Hemet CA Back on the air with CHR format as "Mega".NRC
1340KTSN Elko NV Silent 3/2012.DXMA
1340KTCR Kennewick WA Has new call KJOX.NRC
1350KCOX Jasper TX Silent 3/2012.NRC
1390KJOX Yakima WA Has new call KRAM.NRC
1410WENU South Glen Falls NY Silent 2/2012.IRCA
1480KNIT Dallas TX Has new call KBXD.IRCA
1490WIKC Bogalusa LA License cancelled and call sign deleted. Station has been silent since 2009.IRCA
1560KGOW Bellaire TX Is now on the air with U4 46K/15K.NRC
1580WNTF Bithlo FL Back on the air with S/REL format.NRC
kHzCanada News 08FEB2012Source
580CFRA Ottawa ON Applied to increase night power from 10K to 30K and change authorized contours. Day power will remain 50K.IRCA
680CHFA Edmonton AB Applied to move to FM-90.1.IRCA
960C… Mississauga ON CP took call sign CKNT.IRCA
1310CHLW St.Paul AB Went dark immediately after FM flip to CHSP 97.7 without utilizing authorized 90 day simulcast period.IRCA
1570CKMW Winkler MB Applied to move to FM-103.7.IRCA
kHzHawaii News 08FEB2012Source
1080KWAI Honolulu HI Licensed for U1 5K/5K, KWAI is operating under a Special Temporary Authorization (STA) with U1 1750/1750, while awaiting the arrival and installation of replacement transmitter.NRC
1250K… Kahului HI CP granted for new station with U1 5K/210 at 20-53-26/156-29-20.NRC
kHzUSA News 08FEB2012Source
540WRGC Sylva NC Application granted to move from 680 kHz to 580 khz 5K/140 NDA.IRCA
600WBOB Jacksonville FL Applies for U2 20K/9.7K.NRC
610WAGG Birmingham AL CP granted for U1 5k/610, from a single at the adjusted coordinates of 33-29-39/ 86-52-21.NRC
680WPTF Raleigh NC Licensed for U2 50K/50K, WPTF has filed for a Special Temporary Authorization with U1 50K/50K while their site is being prepared to accommodate WQDR-570 Raleigh. No time frame was specified. WPTF’s licensed night pattern is a circular lobe directed to the south-southeast with a small lobe to the north-northwest. This action should allow DXers living outside of WPTF’s regular nighttime service area an opportunity to log them.NRC
740KBRT Avalon CA CP granted to increase both day and night power levels to become U4 50K/190 and relocate the transmitter site (to the mainland from Santa Catalina Island) at the former 4-tower site of KPLS-830 Orange, located at 33-49-44/117-38-18. Both new patterns are identical in shape with a large nearcircular lobe to the south-southwest with small lobes to the north-northwest and east.NRC
830KOTC Kennett MO CP granted for 3K DAY from 10K. Change City of License to Memphis, TN.IRCA
890KDJQ Meridian ID Has new call KYWN.IRCA
890KYWN Meridian ID Silent 1/2012.NRC
910KNEW Oakland CA Has new call KKSF.IRCA
960KKGN Oakland CA Has new call KNEW.IRCA
970KNWZ Coachella CA Is operating under an STA with U1 1250/250 after vandalism to their ground system and switching system cables caused instability in the directional parameters. The STA time is listed at 180 days.NRC
1010WGUN Atlanta GA CP to increase their CH power to become U1 50K/78 CH 45K is on the air.NRC
1030WGSF Memphis TN Back on the air with REG/MEX format.IRCA
1050KMTA Miles City MT Back on the air with OLD format.DXMA
1150WDEL Wilmington DE CP granted for U4 10K/5K.NRC
1190WAFS Atlanta GA Is now operating D1 25K, eliminating their CH 2.3K authorization. In their application, it was noted that since WOWO Fort Wayne IN lost their designation as a Class A (formerly 1-B) station, WAFS is no longer required to protect WOWO during Critical Hours. Their 25 kW daytime signal comes nowhere near infringing on the coverage area of the lone Class A station on 1190 in the U.S., KEX in Portland OR. So, WAFS can do away with the CH operation.NRC
1190WVUS Grafton WV CP granted for U1 12K/22 CH 12K.NRC
1200KPSF Cathedral City CA Initial CP was on 1220 kHz with U4 5K/1.3K at Desert Hot Springs. They then applied for, and have been granted, U4 5K/1.3K here.NRC
1210WSKR Denham Springs LA Has new call WLRO.IRCA
1230WMML Glen Falls NY Silent 2/2012.IRCA
1260WWRC Washington DC Minor change granted to 25K/5K (increase Day power from 5 K).IRCA
1270WEIC Charleston IL Has new call WRJM.IRCA
1330KJLL South Tucson AZ Has new call KWFM.FCC
1340WMTE Manistee MI Back on the air with NWS/TLK format and rWCUZ-100.1 "Talk Radio 1340 WMTE - 100.1 WCUZ".DXMA
1340KRHC Burnet TX License cancelled; call deleted.NRC
1410WQBQ Leesburg FL Silent 2/2012.IRCA
1410WRJD Durham NC Back on the air with S/AC/REL format.IRCA
1410WENU South Glens Falls NY Silent 2/2012.IRCA
1420KSTN Stockton CA Back on the air.NRC
1420WIMS Michigan City IN Licensed for U4 5K/5K, WIMS is operating under and STA with U4 5K/1250 due to component failure in their nighttime phasing unit. The night pattern is now the same as the day, only smaller.NRC
1440WBLA Elizabethtown NC Silent 1/2012.IRCA
1510KMYN Isleta NM Has new call KOAZ.IRCA
1560WINT Melbourne FL Back on the air with SPO:ESPN format.IRCA
1580WIOL Columbus GA Back on the air with SPO:ESPN format.IRCA
1590WZRX Jackson MS Silent 1/2012.IRCA
kHzCanada News 10JAN2012Source
1400CKGR Golden BC Has signed off as their 90-day simulcast time with new FM has expired.NRC
kHzHawaii News 10JAN2012Source
1450K... Hilo HI Takes call KMCA.IRCA
kHzUSA News 10JAN2012Source
560WVOC Columbia SC Has new call WXBT.NRC
590WGTM Wilson NC License cancelled; call deleted.NRC
610KVLE Vail CO Is on the air under a Special Temporary Authorization (STA) with U1 217/217 using an Information Station Specialists loaded whip antenna 25 feet above an ‘existing building’. The station reports their tower was accidentally destroyed and they have lost the use of the licensed site.NRC
970KFGO Fargo ND Applies for U4 10K/10K.NRC
1050KMTA Miles City MT Silent 12/2011.DXMA
1060WQOM Natick MA CP for U4 50K/2.5K is on the air. Formerly a two-site operation, this action, in addition to increasing the day power, consolidates the day and night transmitter locations to the former night site at 42-14-50/71-25-31. The new day pattern has been adjusted from heading to the northeast to directly eastward.NRC
1130KPWX Mt.Angel OR Has new call KQRR.IRCA
1200WNBL Huntington WV Has new call WEMM.NRC
1230KQIK Lakeview OR Silent 12/2011.NRC
1360WTOC Newton NJ Back on the air with S/REL format.IRCA
1480WQTM Fair Bluff NC Silent 12/2011.NRC
1510KMYN Isleta NM Has new call KOAZ.NRC
1550WBSC Bennettsville SC Silent 12/2011.IRCA

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