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North America News Watch 2013

kHzCanada News 06NOV2013Source
580CFRA Ottawa ON CP for U4 50K/3K is on the air.NRC
690CBQM Ft.McPherson NT Move to FM-99.9 with 50 watts granted.IRCA
830CKKY Wainwright AB Silent on 25OCT2013 after moving to FM-101.9.DXMA
860CBRJ Grand Forks BC LPRT applies to move to 107.3 MHz FM.NRC
990CBAF20 Kedgwick NB LPRT applies to move to 98.1 MHz FM.NRC
1230CBQC Ft.Providence NT Move to FM-98.9 with 50 watts granted.IRCA
kHzHawaii News 06NOV2013Source
650KRTR Honolulu HI Has new call KPRP.FCC
kHzUSA News 06NOV2013Source
630KJSL St.Louis MO Has new call KYFI.IRCA
730KINF Boise ID Has new call KNFL.IRCA
850WKGE Johnstown PA Back on the air 10/2013.IRCA
910WAEI Bangor ME Silent 9/2013.DXMA
910WSRP Jacksonville NC Back on the air 10/2013 with Spanish format.IRCA
910KWDZ Salt Lake City UT Silent 8/2013.NRC
910KKSN Vancouver WA Has new call KMTT.IRCA
970WJMX Florence SC Has new call WWRK.FCC
1060WQOM Natick MA This is back on the air 9/2013, even though listed silent at the FCC CDBS.NRC
1060WHFB Benton Harbor-St.Joseph MI Back on the air 9/2013 with 5K/1 power and NOS format.DXMA
1160WJFJ Tryon NC Silent 9/2013.IRCA
1340KEWE Oroville CA Has new call KNTF.IRCA
1340WMTE Manistee MI Silent 9/2013.IRCA
1340WWLF Auburn NY Has new call WMBO.FCC
1340WXKX Clarksburg WV Silent 9/2013.IRCA
1360WMNY McKeesport PA Silent 10/2013.IRCA
1400WWRK Darlington SC Has new call WJMX.FCC
1410WRIS Roanoke VA Has new call WRTZ.IRCA
1440KPTO Pocatello ID Back on the air 10/2013.DXMA
1460WDDY Albany NY Silent 10/2013.IRCA
1490KYZS Tyler TX Silent 10/2013.DXMA
1550WAZX Smyrna GA Back on the air 9/2013.NRC
1570KPIO Loveland CO Silent 10/2013.DXMA
1570WFTU Riverhead NY Back on the air 9/2013.IRCA
1640KOAG Enid OK Has new call KZLS.FCC
kHzCanada News 09OCT2013Source
580CKUA Edmonton AB Planned to leave AM in spring 2013, but still on the air. Must leave AM until 31DEC2013.CRTC
900CKBI Prince Albert SK Applies for U1 10K/2.8K from a new site.NRC
990CHRF Montrťal QC CP for new station applies for U4 50K/10K, on 980 kHz (where Montreal 990 once was, 20+ years ago).NRC
1450CBKE Ft.Chipewyan AB LPRT granted CP to move to 99.9 MHz FM.NRC
kHzUSA News 09OCT2013Source
620WJHX Lexington AL Silent 7/2013.NRC
640KGVW Belgrade MT License cancelled, calls deleted as of 01JUL2013.NRC
820WVSG Columbus OH On the air with U2 6.5K/790 (ex-U2 5K/790); had been a 2-site operation but now broadcasting exclusively from the old night site.NRC
960WGRO Lake City FL Silent 7/2013.NRC
980KBBO Selah WA Has new call KTCR.FCC
1010WLYT Black Mountain NC Has new call WKJW.FCC
1120WKAJ St.Johnsville NY CP for new station (U4 10K/400) is on the air.NRC
1130WALQ Carrville AL Silent 7/2013.NRC
1190KPHN Kansas City MO Silent 7/2013.NRC
1190CP Red Oak NC New station takes call WNCR.FCC
1200WINK Pine Island Center FL Has new call WJUA.FCC
1300KAZN Pasadena CA Granted CP for U4 23K/4.2K all from existing day site.NRC
1300WIBR Baton Rouge LA Back on the air.NRC
1340KOLE Port Arthur TX Silent 7/2013.NRC
1370WHYP Corry PA Has new call WWCB.FCC
1390WZQQ Hazard KY Silent 7/2013.NRC
1390KTCR Yakima WA Has new call KBBO.FCC
1490KRKZ Forks WA Call change to KFKB.NRC
1520WLGC Greenup KY Back on the air.NRC
1560KTXZ West Lake Hills TX License cancelled, calls deleted; station failed to file for renewal so license expired as of 01AUG2013.NRC
1580WHLY South Bend IN Back on the air with Spanish format as "La Raza", LaRaza1580.comDXMA
1590WARV Warwick RI Granted CP for U4 8K/5K from existing site.NRC
1610CP Montreal QC Application for new station, U1 1K/1K, ETH format, "Radio Humsafar" (south Asian).NRC
1640WKSH Sussex WI Went silent on 28SEP2013.RDXWI
1660KQWB West Fargo ND Has new call KLTA.FCC
kHzAlaska News 27JUL2013Source
850KICY Nome AK Licensed for U10 50K/50K, non-directional day and night but directional during "specified hours" (2300-0400 local), granted STA for 25K during non-directional hours to save energy, remaining 50K and directional during "specifed hours".NRC
1310CP Anchorage AK Granted CP for new station, U1 10K/8.1K.NRC
kHzCanada News 27JUL2013Source
850CP Montreal QC Granted CP for new station, U4 50K/22K, French sports, co-owned with EE:TLK 600 and FF:TLK 940 stations to launch this fall.NRC
kHzUSA News 27JUL2013Source
590KSUB Cedar City UT Granted STA of U1 5K/250 (or less during the day); has major issues with grounding system that will take a while to fix.NRC
770WWCN North Ft.Myers FL Call change to WJBX.NRC
830CP Grants Pass OR Takes call KBLN.FCC
850WEEI Boston MA Granted STA to operate with antenna pattern out of tolerance during testing of new pattern monitoring equipment.NRC
900KTIS Minneapolis MN Granted STA for U4 39500/500; transmitter problems. NRC
940WCPC Houston MS Granted CP for U4 31K/7 (same two tower pattern day and night) from existing site, corrected coordinates to 33-55-43/89-00-35.NRC
1010WFGW Black Mountain NC Call change to WLYT.NRC
1210KUNF Washington UT Has new call KHKR.IRCA
1250WNEM Bridgeport MI Call change to WHHQ and format is now Catholic as "Hail Holy Queen".NRC
1260KLYC McMinnville OR Back on the air 7/2013.IRCA
1380KRKO Everett WA CP for U2 34K/5K (ex-U2 5K/5K) is on the air.NRC
1400KENT Parowan UT Back on the air 7/2013.IRCA
1470KWSL Sioux City IA Granted STA of U3 5K/1250 using day pattern 24 hours; antenna control system failure means station canít switch to night mode.NRC
1550WAZX Smyrna GA Granted extension of silent STA; has been silent since 03SEP2012. NRC
1550WLFP Braddock PA Call change to WZUM.NRC
1550WVAB Virginia Beach VA Granted silent STA; has been silent since 08APR2013. NRC
1580WIFE Connersville IN Has new call WLPK.IRCA
kHzAlaska News 08JUN2013Source
950KSEW Seward AK Back on the air with AC format as "Seward's New Phoenix".IRCA
kHzCanada News 08JUN2013Source
690CBQM Ft.McPherson NT Applied to move to FM-99.9.IRCA
690CBDO Ft.Simpson NT LPRT applies to move to 107.5 MHz.NRC
700CJLI Calgary AB CP for new station has disappeared from the Industry Canada database; presumably it has expired.NRC
790CFNW Port Au Choix NL Silent after moving to FM.IRCA
830CKKY Wainwright AB Granted to move to FM-101.9.IRCA
920CBQI Tulita NT LPRT granted CP to move to 100.9 MHz (as CBXY).NRC
1230CBQC Ft.Providence NT Applied to move to FM-98.9.IRCA
1240CBXX Rainbow Lake AB Silent after moving to FM-101.5.NRC
1240CBLS Sioux Lookout ON LPRT granted CP to move to 95.3 MHz; the new FM will also make CBQW-1340 Hudson ON redundant and it will go off too.NRC
1460CBKC Ft.Vermilion AB Silent after moving to FM-105.1.NRC
1540CBXD Edson AB Silent after moving to FM-95.3.NRC
1560CBKD High Level AB Silent after moving to FM-99.5.NRC
1570CKMW Winkler MB Now testing on 88.9 MHz; official move date not yet known.NRC
1610CJWI Montreal QC Moved to 1410 and increased power from 1 kW to 10 kW.IRCA
kHzHawaii News 08JUN2013Source
740CP Kihei HI Takes call KCIK.FCC
kHzUSA News 08JUN2013Source
780WTME Rumford ME Has modified its license (not through normal CP process) to reduce power to U1 1K/18 (from U1 10K/18); this has taken effect.NRC
800KBRV Soda Springs ID CP to move from 790 kHz now fully licensed; has been broadcasting here with program test authority (PTA) for well over a year.NRC
820WBKK Wilton MN New station now fully licensed; CP has been on the air for several months using program test authority (PTA).NRC
840KMPH Modesto CA Silent 5/2013.IRCA
880KJOZ Conroe TX Silent station back on the air after completing repairs.NRC
890KYWN Meridian ID Silent station back on the air with STA/backup transmitter.NRC
910KLCN Blytheville AR Silent 5/2013.IRCA
930KOGA Ogallala NE CP for U2 2100/500 is on the air.NRC
960WGRO Lake City FL Back on the air with GOS format.NRC
980KICA Clovis NM Back on the air 5/2013.IRCA
980KMIN Grants NM Granted program test authority for CP for U1 5K/230.NRC
1080WALD Johnsonville SC Silent station back on the air.NRC
1120WFNX Coral Springs FL Has new call WZBR.NRC
1120KEOR Catoosa OK CP for D4 10K (ch 7K) is on the air.NRC
1120KTXW Manor TX CP for new station granted program test authority (PTA) so the station should be on soon if not already.NRC
1160WIWA St.Cloud FL Silent 5/2013.IRCA
1160WCXI Fenton MI CP for U4 15K/215 has expired and was removed from database; station has applied for the same parameters again.NRC
1210KBXO Bixby OK CP for new station here has expired; deleted from database.NRC
1230KRXK Rexburg ID Silent 5/2013.DXMA
1230KVOC Casper WY Back on the air with TLK format.DXMA
1250WNEM Bridgeport MI Silent 5/2013.NRC
1280KPTQ Spokane WA Has new call KZFS.IRCA
1330KVOL Lafayette LA Silent 5/2013.IRCA
1330WJSS Havre de Grace MD Silent 4/2013.IRCA
1330WGFT Campbell OH Granted silent STA 6/2013.NRC
1420WRSA St.Albans VT Silent 4/2013.IRCA
1450WQKC Jeffersonville IN Has new call WXVW with SPO:YSR format.DXMA
1450WRKD Rockland ME Has new call WVOM.IRCA
1450KSNY Snyder TX Back on the air with CW format as "Twister 101.5".IRCA
1470WMBD Peoria IL Granted STA for U1 3800/1250, after 10APR2013 catastrophic lightning strike on one of the antenna towers used in both day and night patterns.NRC
1490WBSS Pleasantville NJ Back on the air with ROCK/OLD format as "Kool 98.3".IRCA
1490WTQS Cameron SC Silent station back on the air 5/2013.NRC
1490KWUD Woodville TX Granted silent STA 6/2013.NRC
1490WFAD Middlebury VT Silent 4/2013.IRCA
1520KKXA Snohomish WA Granted program test authority (PTA) for CP for U6 50K/50K.NRC
1580WSRF Ft.Lauderdale FL CP for U4 10K/1.5K from new site (diplexing with WAVS-1170) is on the air.NRC
kHzCanada News 07APR2013Source
590CFAR Flin Flon MB Granted CP to move to 102.9 MHz, AM station will remain on the air as a nested repeater.NRC
610CHTM Thompson MB Granted CP to move to 102.9 MHz, AM station will remain on the air as a nested repeater.NRC
1050CKSB Winnipeg MB Granted CP to move to 88.1 MHz FM.NRC
1240CJAR The Pas MB Granted CP to move to 102.9 MHz, AM station will remain on the air as a nested repeater.NRC
1410CJWI Quebec QC CP granted to move here from 1610 kHz is on the air, U4 10K/10K.NRC
kHzUSA News 07APR2013Source
860KPAM Troutdale OR Granted experimental authority to use various forms of MDCL.NRC
970WDAY Fargo ND Granted program test authority for CP for U4 10K/10K.NRC
980KMIN Grants NM Applies for license to cover and program test authority for CP for U1 5K/230 from a new site (35-05-51/107-52-19).NRC
980KRTX Rosenberg-Richmond TX Has new call KQUE.NRC
1190WVUS Grafton WV Back on the air with REL format.NRC
1230KJFK Reno NV Has new call KSGG.DXMA
1260KLYC McKinnville OR Silent 3/2013.DXMA
1270WHGS Hampton SC Silent station back on the air. Resumed normal operations on 01MAR2013.NRC
1400WVAE Biddeford ME Has new call WGIN.NRC
1400WOND Pleasantville NJ Back on the air with NWS/TLK format.NRC
1410WMSX Brockton MA Silent station back on the air. Resumed with STA on 01MAR2013.NRC
1460WXBR Brockton MA Silent station back on the air. Resumed normal operations on 08MAR2013.NRC
1480WTKD Mobile AL Granted silent STA. Silent since 12DEC2012 after losing program source.NRC
1490KWOK Hoquiam WA Granted CP to move to Aberdeen WA (46-57-30/123-48-35) with U1 1K/760.NRC
1520KVTA Port Hueneme CA Has new call KUNX and gets also old format and networks of old KUNX-1590.NRC
1590KUNX Ventura CA Has new call KVTA and gets also old format and networks of old KVTA-1520.NRC
kHzAlaska News 04MAR2013Source
580KRSA Petersburg AK Silent since 1/2013.IRCA
kHzCanada News 04MAR2013Source
540CBEF Windsor ON Now silent; has completed move to 1550 kHz.NRC
580CKUA Edmonton AB Will go silent this spring as the station doesnít have funds to update the AM transmitter.NRC
920CBQI Tulita NT LPRT applies to move to 100.9 MHz FM.NRC
990CP Montreal QC CP for new station here (taking over CKGMís old 990 facilities with 50 kW) as "Radio Fiertť" (LGBT-oriented station) will have calls CHRF.NRC
1240CFLM La Tuque QC Has moved to FM and AM is silent.NRC
1450CBKE Ft.Chipewyan AB LPRT applies to move to 99.9 MHz FM.NRC
1510CKOT Tillsonburg ON Canadaís last daytimer signed off for the last time on 17FEB2013; cost of the stationís operation didnít justify continuing it as a relay of CJDL-107.3.NRC
kHzUSA News 04MAR2013Source
1000KTOK Oklahoma City OK CP for U4 5.8K/5.8K is on the air. NRC
1090KAAY Little Rock AR Back on the air.DXMA
1290WMCS Greenfield WI Has new call WZTI and changed format from TLK to NOS as
1330WGFT Campbell OH Reported Silent. NRC
1480WQTM Fair Bluff NC Silent 2/2013.IRCA
1510KSPA Ontario CA Granted CP for U4 10K/6K. NRC
1570WFTU Riverhead NY Silent 2/2013.IRCA
1650KYHN Ft.Smith AR Back on the air with TLK format as "Arklahomas Power Talk Radio".DXMA
kHzAlaska News 07FEB2013Source
1470CP Anchorage AK CP granted for new station with U1 10K/10K.NRC
kHzCanada News 07FEB2013Source
540CBGA1 Grande Anse NB Relatively recent clip IDíed on RealDX as from CBGA1 Grand Anse NB, so presumably they are indeed still on the air. Bruce Conti also chimed into Real DX saying he hears CBGA1 as well not //CBEF-1550. So weíll add it back into to the Log. Reinstate with U4 10K/10K; Net: Cf; Format: FF:VAR; //CBGA-FM 102.1 PremiŤre ChaÓne.NRC
790CFNW Port au Choix NL Granted CP to move to 96.7 MHz FM; will surrender AM.NRC
1010CBR Calgary AB On the air from a new transmitter site in the Chestermere area around 25 km NE of the old site.NRC
1240CBXX Rainbow Lake AB LPRT granted CP to move to 101.5 MHz FM.NRC
1240CBLS Sioux Lookout ON LPRT applies to move to 95.3 MHz FM.NRC
1400CKSQ Stettler AB License cancelled; move to 93.3 MHz FM is complete.NRC
1460CBKC Fort Vermilion AB LPRT granted CP to move to 105.1 MHz FM.NRC
1540CBXD Edson AB LPRT granted CP to move to 95.3 MHz FM.NRC
1560CBKD High Level AB LPRT granted CP to move to 99.5 MHz FM.NRC
The CBC seems to be making good progress towards its goal to completely move its AM LPRT (low-power relay transmitter) network to FM by 2015.NRC
kHzHawaii News 07FEB2013Source
1180KORL Honolulu HI Applies for silent STA; silent since 31DEC2012 because station needs a new site and new equipment for which it is preparing a CP application.NRC
kHzUSA News 07FEB2013Source
670KWXI Glenwood AR Call change to KHGZ.NRC
690WIST New Orleans LA Has new call WQNO.FCC
740KBRT Avalon CA Granted "program test authority" for CP to move CoL to Costa Mesa CA power to U4 50K/190.NRC
750WRME Hampden ME CP expired 13JAN2013.NRC
830KOTC Memphis TN Call change to WUMY. NRC
870KPRM Park Rapids MN CP for U2 40K/1K is on the air. NRC
950WGTA Summerville GA Back on the air.NRC
970WDCZ Buffalo NY Silent station (as WNED) returns to the air 01JAN2013.NRC
990WNTW Somerset PA Has new call WLLI.IRCA
1010WCOC Dora AL Back on the air.NRC
1010WGUN Atlanta GA Call change to WTZA.NRC
1090KAAY Little Rock AR Silent 1/2013.DXMA
1120WKAJ St.Johnsville NY In a lengthy written decision the FCC revokes its earlier cancellation of this CP reinstates the call letters and accepts an application for a license to cover. The licensee completed construction of the station about a month after the CP expired at the end of 2011 but didnít ask for an extension of the CP and didnít really explain the full extenuating circumstances the first time it appealed the CPís cancellation. While the FCC wants permitees to know it will be hard-line when it comes to enforcing CP deadlines the extenuating circumstances here were fairly extreme (flooding of biblical proportions contractors who were supposed to erect towers were too busy saving the population from said flooding etc.) so the FCC reluctantly relented. Since everything is built the station could be on testing soon. U4 10K/400.NRC
1160WQRT Florence KY Has new call WCVX, new format REL and new website at ChristianTalk1160.comDXMA
1210WDGR Dahlonega GA Back on the air 18JAN2013.NRC
1230KRXK Rexburg ID Back on the air with ROK format.DXMA
1320KSCR Eugene OR Granted CP for U1 600/40 from a new site (co-located with KKNX-840 and KLZS-1450).NRC
1340KTSN Elko NV Back on the air with NWS/TLK format as "The Source".DXMA
1370WBZH Pottstown PA Call change to WPAZ (silent station).NRC
1430KZQZ St.Louis MO CP for U4 50K/5K is on the air.NRC
1440KPTO Pocatello ID Granted silent STA; has been silent since 03OCT2012.NRC
1460WMCJ Cullman AL Silent 1/2013.NRC
1460WPON Walled Lake MI Granted silent STA; has been silent since 27SEP2012.NRC
1520KKXA Snohomish WA Granted CP for U6 50K/50K (i.e. increasing day power resulting in two different patterns one for day one for critical hours and night all with 50K).NRC
1560WLZR Melbourne FL Silent 1/2013.IRCA
1580WNEW Morningside MD Call change to WJFK.NRC
1590KTIL Tillamook OR Granted CP to change CoL to Netarts OR.NRC
kHzCanada News 09JAN2013Source
540CBGA-1 Matane QC Apparently is still on the air with CBC French programming. Not listed in AM Radio Log 33rd Edition. Various reports say that this is still around. (Other Canadian experts are querying CBC and we're awaiting more news.) NRC
680CHFA Edmonton AB Moved to FM and AM is silent 12/2012.NRC
710CJRN Niagara Falls CJRN ON Went dark on November 30th after license was revoked by the CRTC for non-compliance issues.IRCA
750CBFA3 Weymontachie QC Applies to move to FM-92.3.NRC
830CKKY Wainwright AB CP granted to move to FM-101.9 and leave AM.NRC
830CKKY Wainwright AB Proposed to move to FM-101.9.IRCA
990CKGM Montreal QC Moved to 690 kHz and 990 kHz is silent 12/2012.NRC
1010CBLH Hornepayne ON LPRT applies to move to 92.3 MHz FM.NRC
1230CBDC Mayo YT LPRT applies to move to 104.9 MHz FM.NRC
1240CFLM La Tuque QC CP for 97.1 MHz is testing on the air, barely 60 days since it was granted. AM will go dark soon, the last AM in Quebec outside Montreal.NRC
1340CFYK Yellowknife NT CP granted to move to FM-98.9 and leave AM.NRC
1450CBXC Coleman AB LPRT granted CP to move to 102.3 MHz FM.NRC
1450CBOL Armstrong ON LPRT applies to move to 91.3 MHz FM.NRC
kHzHawaii News 09JAN2013Source
620KHNU Hilo HI Silent 12/2012.IRCA
kHzUSA News 09JAN2013Source
540WETC Wendell-Zebulon NC Granted CP for U4 10K/500. Replaces CP for the same that expired in August.NRC
570WMCA New York NY Silent 11/2012.IRCA
600CP Montreal QC CP granted for new station with U4 10K/5K antenna and English NWS/TLK format.NRC
610KVLE Vail CO Silent 11/2012.DXMA
690WIST New Orleans LA Has new call WQNO and changed format from SPO to REL:EWTN.DXMA
790KEJY Eureka CA Back on the air with S/NOS format as "Juan AM 7-90". Drop TRN network, but keep DG.NRC
810WSJC Magee MS Back on the air with REL format.IRCA
820WBKK Milton MN New CP is now (12/2012) on the air, format TLK/OLD.IRCA
890KLFF Arroyo Grande CA Was silent and is now (1/2013) back on the air with new call KIHC as REL:EWTN "Sharing the Heart of the Christian Faith".NRC
910WSRP Jacksonville NC Silent 12/2012.IRCA
930WEZZ Monroeville AL Silent 11/2012.NRC
940NEW Montreal QC Granted CP to move transmitter site from St.Constant to Kahnawake.IRCA
950WXLW Indianapolis IN CP for U4 5K/36 is on the air.NRC
950WPEN Philadelphia PA Call change to WKDN (to reflect purchase by Family Radio).NRC
970KNUU Paradise NV Has new call KNIH.IRCA
970WNED Buffalo NY Has new call WDCZ.FCC
970WNED Buffalo NY Silent 12/2012.IRCA
1000KCEO Vista CA Granted program test authority for CP for U4 5K/900.NRC
1040WKTI Powell TN Has new call WWAM and changed format from NOS to REL.DXMA
1090KPTK Seattle WA Has new call KFNQ.NRC
1120KTXW Manor TX CP for new station applies for license to cover; may be on the air soon.NRC
1140KYDZ North Las Vegas NV Has new call KXST.NRC
1150WJBO Baton Rouge LA CP for U4 15K/5K is on the air.NRC
1150WLLI Huntingdon PA Has new call WHUN.NRC
1170KYET Golden Valley AZ CP to move here from 1180 kHz Williams AZ with U1 6K/1 is on the air.NRC
1240KJAA Globe AZ Silent 11/2012.NRC
1260WWRC Washington DC Granted CP for U4 35K/5K. Uses "12-60 WRC" and "Intelligent Talk" slogans.NRC
1260WTJH East Point GA Silent 12/2012.IRCA
1270WHGS Hampton SC Silent 11/2012.IRCA
1310WDTW Dearborn MI Silent 12/2012.RDXWI
1310KTWN Glencoe MN Has new call KGLB.FCC
1340WNCO Ashland OH Talk to Sports, slogan "Fox Sports Radio 1340"IRCA
1340WSTV Steubenville OH Station has been silent since 04DEC2011 and it voluntarily surrendered license by letter to the FCC 19NOV2012.NRC
1360KWDJ Ridgecrest CA Back on the air.NRC
1370WBZH Pottstown PA Silent 12/2012.IRCA
1400WOND Pleasantville NJ Granted silent STA 11/2012.NRC
1400KNNR Sparks NV Back on the air with TLK format.DXMA
1400KGWU Uvalde TX Back on the air with REL format and EWTN network.NRC
1450KLZS Eugene OR Back on the air with Comedy format and CM network.NRC
1460WQXM Bartow FL Granted CP for U5 10K/155.NRC
1470KNFL Tremonton UT License cancelled and calls deleted 11/2012.NRC
1480WABB Mobile AL Has new call WTKD.IRCA
1480WTKD Mobile AL Silent 12/2012.IRCA
1480KBXD Dallas TX Back on the air with GOS format.IRCA
1490WDUR Durham NC Silent 1/2013.IRCA
1490WBSS Pleasantville NJ Silent 11/2012.IRCA
1490KBIX Muskogee OK Silent 11/2012.NRC
1550WBSC Bennetsville SC License cancelled and calls deleted 11/2012.NRC
1560WLZR Melbourne FL Back on the air with SPO:ESPN format as "ESPN 95.9".IRCA
1570WNSH Beverly MA Has new call WMVX.NRC
1570WMVX Beverly MA Granted CP for U1 50K/85.NRC
1580WNTF Bithlo FL Silent 11/2012.NRC
1580WVKO Columbus OH Granted CP for D3 5K from a new site (39-54-35/83-03-20).NRC
1580KGAL Lebanon OR Granted CP for U4 7.5K/1K.NRC
1600WXMY Saltville VA Granted silent STA 11/2012.NRC
1620KYIZ Renton WA CP to adjust coordinates to 47-26-28/122-12-10 is on the air.NRC
1640KFXY Enid OK Has new call KOAG and changed format from GOS "Faith 16-40" to Farm/Ag/NWS.DXMA
1670WTDY Madison WI Has new call WOZN.RDXWI

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