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North America News Watch 2014

kHzCanada News 05NOV2014Source
600CP Montréal QC Extension granted to TTP Media until 21NOV2015 to get this new 10K News-Talk station on the air. IRCA
700CP Calgary AB Commercial CP granted with CJLI call sign, 50K/20K power and Christian format. Originally approved in 2009, but CP expired due to ongoing issues over transmitter site location which have since been resolved. IRCA
940CP Montréal QC Extension granted to TTP Media until 21NOV2015 to get this new 50K French language News-Talk station on the air. IRCA
960CKNT Mississauga ON CP granted to reduce power from 2K/180 to 700/104, raise antenna height and relocate transmitter. IRCA
980CHRF Montréal QC New commercial station on the air with 50K/10K power as "Radio Fierté". Format is Hot AC & Talk targeting the LGBT community.IRCA
1110CBLI Deep River ON LPRT granted CP to move to 97.9 MHz.NRC
1320CJMR Oakville ON Industry Canada database has changed the city of license from Mississauga to Oakville.NRC
kHzUSA News 05NOV2014Source
590KFNS Wood River IL Silent 31OCT2014 and will return with REL format later.RDXWI
660WORL Altamonte Springs FL CP for U4 3.5K/1K is on the air.NRC
870KPRM Park Rapids MN CP for U2 50K/1K is on the air.NRC
890KMJE Oliverhurst CA CP for new station U4 10K/480 is on the air.NRC
910WSRP Jacksonville NC Silent since 17OCT2013, on with STA 01OCT2014. Has now Spanish format.NRC
1110KLIB Roseville CA Was silent, now back on the air with ETH format.IRCA
1140WCJW Warsaw NY CP for D4 8K (ch 2.3K) is on the air NRC
1170WDEK Lexington SC Silent since 16OCT2013, on with CP facilities 15OCT2014.NRC
1250WYKM Rupert WV Silent since 12JUL2014 due to lightning, back on the air 04AUG2014.NRC
1260KBLY Idaho Falls ID Call change to KEIR on 21OCT2014.NRC
1270WSHE Columbus GA Was silent, back on the air with SPO:FSR format as "Fox Sport".IRCA
1270WHGS Hampton SC Silent 09OCT2014, lightning damage.NRC
1280WFAU Gardiner ME Call change to WJYE on 22OCT2014.NRC
1300WKXM Winfield AL License cancelled at licensee’s request per 17OCT2014 letter to the FCC.NRC
1310WDTW Dearborn MI Silent 01NOV2014 and will return with Spanish format later.RDXWI
1320WENN Birmingham AL Silent 10/2014.IRCA
1360WGBN McKeesport PA Was silent, 01NOV2014 back on the air with GOS format as "Gospel Excellence AM 1150".IRCA
1370WLLN Lillington NC Silent since 17OCT2013, on with STA 25SEP2014.NRC
1380WTJK South Beloit IL Call change to WBEL on 13OCT2014; had these calls until 1998.NRC
1390WSPO Charleston SC DX TEST: 10NOV2014 0000-0100 ELT. Mode of Operation: 5 kW, daytime NDA non-directional pattern. The test will consist of distinctive audio clips, morse code and sweep tones.IRCA
1440WDRJ Inkster MI Call change to WMKM on 06OCT2014; had these calls most of 1990-2006.NRC
1440KETX Livingston TX Silent 24SEP2014, transmitter failure.NRC
kHzAlaska News 06OCT2014Source
1340NEW Fairbanks AK CP assigned call KSDG.FCC
kHzCanada News 06OCT2014Source
570CFCB Corner Brook NL Granted CP for 10K/1K. NRC
600CBLV Bancroft ON LPRT granted CP to move to 99.3 MHz FM. NRC
690CBDO Ft.Simpson NT LPRT is now deleted, moved to FM.NRC
740CBUI New Denver BC LPRT granted CP to move to 102.5 MHz FM. NRC
1150CBAC Tuktoyaktut NT LPRT granted CP to move to 99.9 MHz FM. NRC
1690CHTO Toronto ON Granted CP for U1 6K/1K (ch 3K). NRC
kHzGreenland News 06OCT2014Source
570KNR Nuuk GRL 5 kW due on the air in January, February or March 2015.SHN
650KNR Qeqertarsuaq GRL 5 kW due on the air in October or November 2014.SHN
720KNR Simiutaq, Qaqortoq GRL 10 kW due on the air around June 1st 2015.SHN
kHzUSA News 06OCT2014Source
550WAYR Fleming Island FL CP for U4 5K/500, CoL to here from Orange Park, but no change in transmitter site, is on the air. NRC
590WARM Scranton PA Silent 15SEP2014, transmitter failure. NRC
770WVNN Athens AL Silent 23AUG2014.IRCA
850WGKE Johnstown PA Back on the air.IRCA
890KDPP Olivehurst CA Has new call KMJE.FCC
910WAEI Bangor ME Silent since 01SEP2013, back on the air 28AUG2014. NRC
910WFDF Farmington Hills-Detroit MI Silent 26SEP2014. DXMA
910KWDZ Salt Lake City UT Silent since 17AUG2013, returned to the air 14AUG2014. NRC
960WHYL Carlisle PA Silent since 18APR2014, back on the air 17SEP2014 with STA. NRC
970WERH Hamilton AL Silent 23AUG2014.IRCA
1080WALD Johnsonville SC Silent since 30AUG2013, back on the air 11AUG2014. NRC
1110KYKK Humble City NM Call change to KPER 21AUG2014 and then KEJL 01SEP2014. NRC
1130WALQ Carrville AL Silent 15AUG2014, financial problems. NRC
1150WUTI Utica NY Silent since 23MAY2013, FCC sent a letter to the station on 11AUG2014 informing it that its license has automatically expired for being silent more than a year. NRC
1190KPHN Kansas City MO Call change to KDMR 14AUG2014. NRC
1200WEMM Huntington WV Silent since 12JUL2014, on the air 29AUG2014 with STA. NRC
1220KQMG Independence IA Silent 02SEP2014, equipment problems. NRC
1230KYSM Mankato MN Call change to KFSP (yes, for "Fox SPorts") 03AUG2014. NRC
1230WTKN Corinth MS Silent since 01JUN2012, automatic license cancellation noted by FCC in 26AUG2014 letter to licensee. NRC
1240KTHE Thermopolis WY License voluntarily surrendered by licensee 08SEP2014. NRC
1250KDEI Port Arthur TX Silent 19SEP2014, transmitter module burned out. NRC
1260WWMK Cleveland OH Silent 26SEP2014. DXMA
1270WHEO Stuart VA Will go silent 01SEP2014, financial problems. NRC
1300WRDZ LaGrange IL Silent 26SEP2014. DXMA
1330WEBY Milton FL CP for new pattern is on the air. NRC
1340WKSN Jamestown NY Silent 15JUL2014, technical problems, should be back on soon. NRC
1350WCBA Corning NY Silent 15SEP2014 for financial reasons. NRC
1350WNVA Norton VA Silent 14AUG2014 due to "extreme financial difficulties" NRC
1360WHNR Cypress Gardens FL Silent 17SEP2013, back on the air 12SEP2014 with STA. NRC
1360WGBN McKeesport PA Silent 10AUG2014 due to "computer problems" NRC
1370KRAC Red Bluff CA Back on the air 23AUG2014 with Talk format.IRCA
1380KXFM St.Louis MO Noted off the air and it has been off for three weeks as of 16SEP2014.RDXWI
1400WJWF Columbus MS Silent 08AUG2014.DXMA
1400WPCE Portsmouth VA Silent 01OCT2013, returned to the air 14AUG2014 with 250-watt STA. NRC
1410KRIL Odessa TX License cancelled as of 17JUL2014, no explanation on FCC web site. NRC
1440KPTO Pocatello ID Silent since 23NOV2013, returned to the air 05JUL2014. NRC
1440KDIZ Golden Valley MN Silent 26SEP2014. DXMA
1460WPON Walled Lake MI Silent since 23SEP2013, on the air 10SEP2014 with STA. Silent again 15SEP2014, hopes to have CP built within 6 months. NRC
1480WTKD Mobile AL Call change to WERM 19AUG2014. NRC
1490WMOG Brunswick GA Call change to WBGA 08SEP2014. NRC
1510WJKN Jackson MI CP for D1 380 from a new site (42-13-17/84-26-08) is on the air. NRC
1550KRPI Ferndale WA The CRTC will hold a public hearing as to whether this station is contravening the broadcast act by airing programming on US based station while their studio is in Canada. Also Revenue Canada will be notified that the advertisers on the station may have been illegally writing the costs of the ads off.IRCA
1590WCGO Evanston IL CP for U2 10K/2.5K is on the air. NRC
1600KVRI Blaine WA The CRTC will hold a public hearing as to whether this station is contravening the broadcast act by airing programming on US based station while their studio is in Canada. Also Revenue Canada will be notified that the advertisers on the station may have been illegally writing the costs of the ads off.IRCA
1680KRJO Monroe LA Silent since 12JUN2014, returned to the air 20AUG2014. NRC
1690KDDZ Denver CO Silent 26SEP2014. DXMA
kHzAlaska News 03AUG2014Source
1340CP Fairbanks AK Granted CP for new station U1 1K/1K at 64-53-25/147-45-30.NRC
kHzCanada News 03AUG2014Source
530CIAO Brampton ON Granted CP for U1 (ex-U3) 1K/250.NRC
540CBGA-1 Grand Anse NB Granted CP to move to 101.7 MHz at Matapedia QC.NRC
570CFCB Corner Brook NL Proposed to increase daytime power from 1k to 10k. Night time power will remain 1K.IRCA
1280CJSL Estevan SK Granted CP for U3 10K/1K on 1150 kHz from a new site; existing site is atop a coal deposit that SaskPower wants to mine.NRC
1610CP Montreal QC Granted CP for U1 1K/1K with ETH (South Asian) format.NRC
1610CP Montreal QC Assigned call letters CHRN ("Radio Humsafar").NRC
kHzHawaii News 03AUG2014Source
1250KEWE Kahului HI Not on the air yet. Changes frequency from 1250 kHz to 1240 kHz.IRCA
kHzU.S.A. News 03AUG2014Source
820WNYC New York NY CP for U4 10K/930 is on the air.NRC
820WGGM Chester VA Call change to WNTW 01JUN2014.NRC
850WWJC Duluth MN Call change to WQRM.NRC
870WTIM Shebyville IL Back on the air with NWS/TLK format. Had WSVZ, WTLY and WINU calls between MAY-JULY 2014. Was silent 09MAY2014-25JUL2014 and next CP:Assumpton.DXMA
920KIHM Reno NV CP for U2 4.8K/850, new site, is on the air.NRC
930WAUR Sandwich IL Call change to WKBM 18JUN2014.NRC
930WBCK Battle Creek MI Call change to WTOU 01JUL2014.NRC
930WTOU Battle Creek MI Silent 03JUL2014 (roughly 90 days) so new owners can renovate tower site.NRC
960WHYL Carlisle PA Silent 18APR2014 pending sale by bankruptcy trustee.NRC
970KFTA Rupert ID Call change to KZNO 01AUG2014.NRC
970WWRK Florence SC CP for U1 10K/31 is on the air.NRC
990KTKT Tucson AZ CP for U4 10K/490 is on the air.NRC
1060WLNO New Orleans LA Silent 02JUN2014 pending sale by bankruptcy trustee.NRC
1160WABY Mechanicville NY Call change to WAIX 26JUN2014.NRC
1160KRDY San Antonio TX Silent since 28SEP2013; returned to the air 09APR2014.NRC
1170WGMP Montgomery AL CP for U4 10K/4 is on the air.NRC
1190KPHN Kansas City MO Silent since 31JUL2013, on the air 25JUL2014 with Catholic programs.NRC
1200WEMM Huntington WV Silent 12JUL2014, transmitter failure.NRC
1320WARL Attleboro MA Call change to WRNP 13APR2014.NRC
1330WJSS Havre de Grace MD Silent 21MAY2014 after losing transmitter site.NRC
1350KWMO Washington MO Call change to KRAP 28JUL2014.NRC
1390KWOD Salem OR Call change to KZZD.NRC
1430WPNI Amherst MA License cancelled at licensee’s request; station has been silent and was no longer considered financially viable.NRC
1450KWEI Notus ID Call change to KTRP.NRC
1480WTKD Mobile AL Silent since 19AUG2013, back on the air 08JUL2014.NRC
1550WAZX Smyrna GA Was silent, now Ethnic with slogan "Vietop Radio".IRCA
1560KIQS Willows CA Silent 26JUN2014, transmitter fried in a lightning strike.NRC
1600KLGA Algona IA Call change to KLGZ 15JUL2014.NRC
1640WKSH Sussex WI Call change to WSJP 30MAY2014.NRC
1660KUDL Kansas City KS Call change to KWOD.NRC
kHzAlaska News 06APR2014Source
950KSEW Seward AK Silent 2/2014.IRCA
950KSEW Seward AK Filed petition for reconsideration of cancellation of the license on 2/1 for failure to file a renewal application; says it did file on time and has a receipt to prove it. The FCC changed the status to "licensed and silent" but has not (yet) un-deleted the call letters.NRC
1430KWAP Wasilla AK Has new call KKNI.IRCA
kHzCanada News 06APR2014Source
900CKBI Prince Albert SK Granted to reduce night power from 10K to 2.8K (day power will remain 10K). Relocate transmitter. Change radiation pattern from directional to non-directional.IRCA
930CJYQ St.John's NL Off the air 28JAN2014 because of transmitter fire.NRC
kHzHawaii News 06APR2014Source
740KCIK Kihei HI CP for new station (U1 5K/5K) is on the air; has been reported with Catholic programming from Immaculate Heart Radio.NRC
kHzUSA News 06APR2014Source
570KSNM Las Cruces NM Call change to KGRT 04FEB2014; this was legacy call here until 2000.NRC
580WYHM Rockwood TN Silent 3/2014.NRC
590KZHS Hot Springs AR Voluntarily surrendered license per 07FEB2014 letter to the FCC.NRC
830WUMY Memphis TN Call change to WGUE 15JAN2014. NRC
1110WYRM Norfolk VA Call change to WKQA 31JAN2014.NRC
1120WMSX Coral Springs FL CP not yet on air; call change to WBUR (apparently this CP is where old Massachusetts call letters go to retire).NRC
1130KTCN Minneapolis MN Call change to KTLK 08JAN2014. NRC
1150KTLK Los Angeles CA Call change to KEIB 08JAN2014. NRC
1160WJFJ Tryon NC Call change to WWQT 20MAR2014.NRC
1180KXIQ Turrell AR Call change to WUMY 15JAN2014. NRC
1230KRXK Rexburg ID Silent since 02MAR2013 returned to the air 28FEB2014.NRC
1260KTRP Weiser ID Took back the old KWEI call.DXMA
1270KRVT Claremore OK Call change to KTUZ NRC
1290WDZY Colonial Heights VA Silent since 28SEP2013, back on the air 17JAN2014.NRC
1300KWCK Searcy AR Call change to KRZS 15MAR2014.NRC
1310WDTW Dearborn MI Silent 1/2014.NRC
1330WJSS Havre de Grace MD Silent since 15APR2013, back on the air as of 11DEC2013. NRC
1330WGFT Campbell OH Silent since 27FEB2013, back on the air 20JAN2014.NRC
1360WMNY McKeesport PA Call change to WGBN 01MAR2014.NRC
1390WZQQ Hazard KY Silent since 20JUL2013 returned to the air 28FEB2014.NRC
1400WSPG Spartanburg SC Silent 1/2014.NRC
1450KWEI Notus ID Has new call KTRP.DXMA
1460WDDY Albany NY Call change to WOPG 27FEB2014.NRC
1460KARR Kirkland WA Silent 2/2014.NRC
1490WOLF Syracuse NY Silent 2/2014.NRC
1550KZRK Canyon TX Has new call KNSH.FCC
1580WTCL Chattahoochee FL Silent 12JAN2014 for "staffing" reasons; intends to be back on the air soon. NRC
1590WCGO Evanston IL CP for U2 7200/2500 (ex-U2 7K/2500) is on the air. NRC
kHzAlaska News 05JAN2014Source
1020KOAN Eagle River AK Call change to KVNT.NRC
1080KUDO Anchorage AK Call change to KOAN.NRC
kHzCanada News 05JAN2014Source
580CKUA Edmonton AB Has been silent from 21NOV2013 because of AM transmitter issues. CRTC granted CKUA to leave AM and most likely CKUA will not return on the air on 580 AM.CKUA
590CFAR Flin Flon MB New rCFAR-102.9 is on the air but AM will stay.NRC
600APP Surrey BC Commercial. South Asian. 10K watts fulltime. Sher-E-Punjab Radio. If approved the applicant will cease broadcasting on KRPI 1550 Ferndale, Washington. Alternate proposal filed for 107.7 Surrey with 1,066 watts (3,400 watts Max. ERP) and 98.3 Richmond with 118 watts (170 watts Max. ERP).IRCA
920CFRY Portage la Prairie MB Request to split the 920/93.1 AM/FM simulcast is approved; 920 will remain on the air with the current CW format.NRC
990CHRF Montréal QC Evanov has until November 21, 2014 to get this 50K/50K Gay & Lesbian station on the air.IRCA
1050CKSB Winnipeg MB Moved to FM and signed off 04JAN2014.NRC
kHzHawaii News 05JAN2014Source
550KMVI Wailuku HI Call change to KNUI.NRC
620KHNU Hilo HI Silent since 19NOV2012; returned 18NOV2013 with STA.NRC
900KNUI Kahului HI Call change to KMVI.NRC
1060KIPA Hilo HI Back on the air 05NOV2013.NRC
1180KORL Honolulu HI Had returned from silence 05OCT2013, now needs a new combiner so went silent again 07OCT2013.NRC
kHzUSA News 05JAN2014Source
920WCHR Trenton NJ Has new call WNJE.FCC
980KICA Clovis NM Silent 10/2013, transmitter failure. NRC
1040WNJE Flemington NJ Has new call WCHR.FCC
1060KFOY Sparks NV CP for new station is on the air, with U4 10K/250. NRC
1160KRDY San Antonio TX Silent 28SEP2013, Disney station pending sale. NRC
1170WDEK Lexington SC Silent 16OCT2013, has lost transmitter site but has applied for a CP to move to a new site. NRC
1180WSFM Carolina Beach NC Call change to WLTT.NRC
1260WWRC Washington DC CP for U4 35K/5K is on the air (ex-U4 25K/5K).NRC
1260KIMB Kimball NE Silent since 04OCT2012, back on the air 03OCT2013. NRC
1270KFUT Thousand Palms CA Call change to KFSQ.NRC
1280WFAU Gardiner ME Silent since 01JUL2013, back on the air 10/2013 with D1 5K only.NRC
1290KUOA Siloam Springs AR Silent 12/2013IRCA
1290WDZY Colonial Heights VA Silent 28SEP2013, Disney station pending sale. NRC
1310WDTW Dearborn MI Back on the air 12/2013.NRC
1310KZXR Prosser WA Silent 11/2013.IRCA
1340WMTE Manistee MI Returned to the air 25OCT2013 with STA. NRC
1370KRAC Quincy CA Silent since 13AUG2013, back on the air 10/2013 using PTA for CP to U4 4K/200 in Red Bluff CA.NRC
1370WLLN Lillington NC Silent 17OCT2013, financial issues. NRC
1380KXCA Lawton OK Call change to KKRX. NRC
1410WMSX Brockton MA Has new call WZBR. Silent 11/2013 and has CP to Dedham MA.NRC
1420WRSA St.Albans VT Silent since 01APR2013 resumed operations 01OCT2013.NRC
1430WCWC Williamsburg KY CP for U1 4.6K/31 from a new site (36-46-50/84-09-36) is on the air (was U1 5.7K/32).NRC
1430WPNI Amherst MA Silent since 11/2013.NRC
1430KCRX Roswell NM FCC announced that this station did not file a license renewal application by deadline; license therefore expired 01OCT2013; call deleted. NRC
1440KPTO Pocatello ID Silent 11/2013; new owners wish to prepare station for new format.NRC
1490KFCR Custer SD Back on the air with AC format 11/2013.DXMA
1490KYZS Tyler TX Back on the air 05NOV2013.NRC
1490WFAD Middlebury VT Silent since 01APR2013 resumed operations 02OCT2013.NRC
1530KCLR Ralls TX License turned in by licensee, call deleted. NRC
1560WMBH Joplin MO Silent since 26FEB2013, back on the air 17OCT2013 with STA. NRC
1570KPIO Loveland CO Silent since 14SEP2013; returned 07NOV2013 with STA.NRC
1590WIJK Ocean City MD Silent 11/2013.NRC
1590KQLO Sun Valley NV License cancelled and calls deleted; FCC says station has been silent since 12OCT2012 and licenses are automatically cancelled after one year.NRC
1600WXMY Saltville VA Back on the air 21OCT2013.NRC
1660KXOL Brigham City UT Silent 20NOV2013 to investigate problems of "signal interference".NRC

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