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Lemmenjoki QTH In this page you will find the latest news from the Lemmenjoki DXpedition site 6846'17"N 2618'57"E. This site has always been closely connected to the KOJE/KOH/KOMEX lists and North American News Watch.

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LEM DXpedition News of 2018-2019 Season

LEM400 10SEP2018-
Jari Ruohomki (JPR) and Jim Solatie (JMS)

Mestor will continue LEM-season from the 10th of September.

73s JPR

LEM399 08SEP2018-09SEP2018
Jari Ruohomki (JPR)

Greetings from Lemmenjoki!

The new dx-season has started in Lemmenjoki. Perfect weather conditions: sunny sky and temps from 15 to 19 degrees. Not so much to tell about the propagation. However, this morning the 8th of September seems to have been pretty good towards La Plata and southern brasil around 03 utc, but I have not had time to check the files. For example, La Voz de Artigas 1180 was strong.

I will drive back to Kempele tomorrow in the morning. So there will not be more news this time.

73s JPR

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