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kHzCanada News 05OCT2017Source
1240CJCS Stratford ON CJCS-1240 is now up and running on 107.1 MHz FM; the AM is still on the air but has to sign off three months after the FM simulcast begins.NRC
kHzUSA News 05OCT2017Source
570KLIF Dallas TX Granted CP with U4 5K/2.4KNRC
580KANA Anaconda MT Silent 17JUL2017, studio damaged in an arson fire.NRC
620WDNC Durham NC CP with U1 1.5K/41 at new site (35-58-04/78-53-17) is on the air.NRC
730WLTQ Charleston SC Silent 09SEP2017, ahead of Hurrican Irma, risk of flooding at transmitter site.NRC
740KTFS Texarkana TX Silent 07AUG2017; tower site has been sold.NRC
810WRSO Orlovista FL Granted CP with U5 2.5K/24, new site at 28-34-18/81-26-02.NRC
900WJWL Georgetown DE CP with U1 1K/145, coords to 38-42-26/75-24-19, is on the air.NRC
920WDMC Melbourne FL CP with U4 8K/4K at new site (28-07-15/80-43-12) is on the air.NRC
990KZZB Beaumont TX Silent 01SEP2017, Hurricane Harvey flooding.NRC
1000WJBW Jupiter FL Silent 10SEP2017, lost tower to Hurricane Irma.NRC
1060WLNO New Orleans LA Granted CP with U1 10K/245NRC
1090KEXS Excelsior Springs MO Granted CP with D4 10K (ch 8K)NRC
1170WCXN Claremont NC Silent 24AUG2017, lost programming source.NRC
1230WMAF Madison FL Silent 11SEP2017, lost tower to Hurricane Irma.NRC
1230KYQT Burns OR Silent 10AUG2017, on the air with STA 23AUG2017.NRC
1240WJLX Jasper AL Silent 01JUL2017, on the air with a backup transmitter 25AUG2017.NRC
1240WKIQ Eustis FL Silent 10SEP2017, lost tower to Hurricane Irma.NRC
1240WIAN Ishpeming MI Silent 18SEP2017.NRC
1240WSDT Soddy-Daisy TN License cancelled, station apparently silent since 2012.NRC
1270WNOG Naples FL Silent 10SEP2017, studio link down due to Hurricane Irma.NRC
1280WJYE Gardiner ME Granted CP with U1 5K/40.NRC
1310WOKR Canandaigua NY Has new call WRSB (01AUG2017).FCC
1330WITM Marion VA Has new call WSNQ (28AUG2017).FCC
1340WMTE Manistee MI License cancelled at licensee’s request per 15AUG2017 letter to FCC.NRC
1340KOLE Port Arthur TX Silent 28AUG2017, Hurricane Harvey-related flooding.NRC
1390WFBL Syracuse NY Silent 03SEP2016, on the air 03AUG2017.NRC
1400WFLL Fort Lauderdale FL CP for new site (26-10-25/80-09-28) is on the air.NRC
1430KZQZ Saint Louis MO Was reported Silent, 02OCT2017 has returned to air.NRC
1440KTUV Little Rock AR Silent 28AUG2017, back on the air 14SEP2017.NRC
1450KLZS Eugene OR Has new call KEED (01AUG2017).FCC
1460WNPL Golden Gate FL Silent 10SEP2017, equipment damage from Hurricane Irma.NRC
1460WPON Walled Lake MI Silent 13SEP2016; back on the air 07SEP2017 with STA.NRC
1470KIID Sacramento CA Silent 02FEB2017, back on the air 23FEb2017 with D1 1000 (just notified to FCC now).NRC
1530WOBX Wanchese NC Silent 18AUG2017; programming LMA ended early.NRC
1560WLZR Melbourne FL Silent 10SEP2017, transmitter fire caused by Hurricane Irma.NRC
1580WNTF Bithlo FL Silent 10SEP2017, Hurricane Irma.NRC
1590WRSB Brockport NY Has new call WOKR (01AUG2017).FCC
1600WLAA Winter Garden FL Silent 10SEP2017, Hurricane Irma.NRC
1680WOKB Winter Garden FL Silent 10SEP2017, Hurricane Irma.NRC
1700WRCR Ramapo NY Silent 07AUG2017; has lost transmitter site and expects to go on with STA in 30-60 days.NRC
kHzAlaska News 10AUG2017Source
1340KSDG Fairbanks AK CP for new station (U1 1K/1K) expired unbuilt and deleted.NRC
kHzCanada News 10AUG2017Source
600CFQR Montreal QC New station is on the air.NRC
610CKYL Peace River AB Granted CP to move to 94.9 MHz FM.NRC
1210VOAR St John's NL Granted to move to 96.7 from 1210. Will operate with 100,000 watts.IRCA
kHzHawaii News 10AUG2017Source
790KKON Kealakekua HI Silent 30JUN2017; problem with programming source.NRC
850KHLO Hilo HI Silent 30JUN2017; problem with programming source.NRC
1460KHRA Honolulu HI License reinstated 30JUN2017; had been deleted 01JUN2017 at licensee's request, but licensee found a buyer. Station remains silent.NRC
1500KHKA Honolulu HI CP for U1 5K/5K is on the air.NRC
kHzUSA News 10AUG2017Source
630KTKK Sandy UT Silent 03JUN2017.IRCA
740KVOX Fargo ND Has new call KNFL (29MAR2017).FCC
850WKGE Johnstown PA Silent 03DEC2016, on the air with STA 18APR2017, using D1 1000.NRC
860KMVP Phoenix AZ Has new call KNAI (15MAY2017).FCC
890KMJE Olivehurst CA Has new call KVMX (17APR2017).FCC
910KWDZ Salt Lake City UT Silent 29APR2017; has lost licensed site.NRC
910WHSM Hayward WI Has new call WCBN (06MAY2017).FCC
920WIRD Lake Placid NY License cancelled 24MAY2017; unpaid debts to FCC.NRC
940KICE Bend OR Has new call KCOE (23MAR2017).FCC
980WFHG Bristol VA Has new call WWTB (26MAY2017).FCC
1040WJTB North Ridgeville OH License cancelled 02JUN2017, unpaid debts to FCC.NRC
1110KDIS Pasadena CA Has new call KRDC (09JUN2017).FCC
1110WCCM Salem NH Has new call WMVX (01APR2017).FCC
1120WPRX Bristol CT License cancelled 07JUN2017; unpaid FCC debts.NRC
1200WMIR Atlantic Beach SC Has new call WJXY (23JUN2017).FCC
1230KBNH Burns OR Call change to KYQT (04JUL2017; station is silent).NRC
1240WJLX Jasper AL Silent 01JUL2017; transmitter problems.NRC
1240WNBZ Saranac Lake NY Silent 17JUN2017, transmitter failure.NRC
1240KEVA Evanston WY License cancelled 03MAY2017; unpaid debts to FCC.NRC
1260KBOQ Beverly Hills CA Has new call KSUR (20MAR2017).FCC
1290WJBI Batesville MS Silent 07JUL2017; financial difficulties.NRC
1320KFNZ Salt Lake City UT Silent 27FEB2017, pending possible station sale.NRC
1380WPLA Portsmouth NH License cancelled 29JUN2017; silent more than one year.NRC
1440KPTO Pocatello ID Silent 01MAY2017; transmitter repair.NRC
1440WVGG Lucedale MS Silent 15JAN2017; back on the air 29JUN2017.NRC
1480WVOV Bridgeport AL Silent 01MAY2017; needs translator to be financially viable.NRC
1480KPHX Phoenix AZ Silent 30JUN2017; needs a new satellite dish.NRC
1480WRCK Remsen NY Silent 15JUL2016; on the air 22JUN2017.NRC
1480WRCK Remsen NY Silent 28JUN2017, pending sale.NRC
1490KQDS Duluth MN Has new call KJOQ (30JUN2017).FCC
1490WNBT Wellsboro PA Has new call WNDA (15MAR2017).FCC
1490KTAE Austin TX Has new call KTSN (06JUN2017).FCC
1510WMEX Boston MA Silent 30JUN2017; has lost transmitter site.NRC
1510KLLB West Jordan UT Silent 02MAY2017; technical problems.NRC
1550KRZD Springfield MO Silent 01DEC2016, tower has been dismantled and will apply for CP soon to move to a new location.NRC
1570WMVX Methuen MA Has new call WCCM (01APR2017).FCC
1580WDQN Du Quoin IL Silent 03JUN2017.IRCA
1580WNPZ Knoxville TN License cancelled 20JUN2017; unpaid FCC debts.NRC
1590KTIL Netarts OR Silent 20APR2017; back on the air 06MAY2017.NRC
kHzCanada News 06APR2017Source
610CKRW Whitehorse YT Tower in poor repair and needs to be torn down; seeks STA to move to FM relays immediately and will seek CP to move to FM permanently.NRC
690CBU Vancouver BC Shortwave relay CKZU-6160 will not be rebuilt, will be deleted.NRC
kHzUSA News 06APR2017Source
730KNFL Boise ID Call change to KDBI (10MAR2017).NRC
850WFTL West Palm Beach FL CP for U4 50K/20K from a new site (26-32-30/80-44-30) is on the air; has been operating with the CP on a temporary basis for years.NRC
920KKGX Palm Springs CA Back on the air 08APR2017.IRCA
1020KCKN Roswell NM Was silent, now Radio Vision Cristiana Spanish religion, adds slogan "Radio Vision Cristiana".IRCA
1060KTNS Oakhurst CA Silent since 24DEC2016; repairs taking longer than expected (still continues 06MAR2017).NRC
1070WFLI Lookout Mountain TN Silent 31MAR2017.DXMA
1260KBOQ Beverly Hills CA Has new call KSUR.IRCA
1260KWEI Weiser ID Silent 01SEP2016; on the air 28FEB2017.NRC
1310KAHL San Antonio TX CP for U4 5K/236 is on the air.NRC
1320KFNZ Salt Lake City UT Silent 25MAR2017.IRCA
1390KHOB Hobbs NM Silent 01MAR2016; on the air 25FEB2017.NRC
1440KTUV Little Rock AR Silent 16SEP2016; on the air with STA 27FEB2017.NRC
1460WOPG Albany NY Silent 25MAR2017.IRCA
1470KIID Sacramento CA Silent 02FEB2017; attack of the copper thieves and other vandalism.NRC
1490WNBT Wellsboro PA Call change to WNDA (15MAR2017).NRC
1520WNWT Rossford OH Call change to WPAY (15MAR2017).NRC
1580KHEP Tempe AZ Silent 20OCT2016; on the air with STA 10FEB2017.NRC
1580KHEP Tempe AZ Call change to KQFN (16MAR2017).NRC
1580KHEP Tempe AZ Now sports, adds slogan:"1580 The Fanatic".IRCA
1590WGGO Salamanca NY Silent 08MAR2017; tower collapsed in wind storm.NRC
1600WHNP East Longmeadow MA Has new call WLZX (02FEB2017).FCC
kHzAlaska News 19FEB2017Source
1430KKNI Wasilla AK Has new call KVHZ 18JAN2017.FCC
kHzCanada News 19FEB2017Source
580CHBA Edmonton AB New commercial station granted 10K fulltime. Multilingual with 70% South Asian (Punjabi/Hindi/Urdu/Gujurati) programming. Extensive transmitter site upgrades are required even though the now silent CKUA-580 directional patterns will be used. Owner 1811258 Alberta Limited will move their evening and weekend paid programming from CKJR-1440 Wetaskiwin to CHBA.IRCA
600CP Vancouver BC New commercial CP granted for 10K fulltime. South Asian. Sher-E-Punjab Radio.IRCA
880CKLQ Brandon MB Move to 91.5 with 100K non-directional. 880 will remain on the air as a repeater covering a larger area with its 10K than the FM. After the normal three month simulcast period for AM to FM conversions, the AM license will be canceled and become part of the new license for CKLQ-FM.IRCA
960CKNT Mississauga ON CP extension granted to Elliot Kerr, who has until 30NOV2017 to get this new News-Talk station on the air.IRCA
1230CFGN Port aux Basques NL Granted CP to move to 96.7 MHz FM.NRC
1350CFKA Brampton ON Previously granted CP modified to U1 1K/40; assigned call letters CFKA.NRC
1430CHKT Toronto ON Granted CP for U3 50K/50K, current night pattern to be 24 hours.NRC
kHzUSA News 19FEB2017Source
670WIEZ Lewistown PA Call change to WLUI (02JAN2017).NRC
780WIIN Ridgeland MS CP for D1 4.4K, diplexing with WSFZ-930, is on the air.NRC
920KPSI Palm Springs CA Call change to KKGX (02FEB2017; station is silent).NRC
930WSFZ Jackson MS CP for U1 3.7K/60 is on the air.NRC
930WKY Oklahoma City OK CP for U1 5K/510 is on the air.NRC
970KTTO Spokane WA Granted program test authority for CP for U2 5.3K/750.NRC
990WLLI Somerset PA Has new call WNTI 16JAN2017.FCC
1020WLVJ Kendall FL Silent 20JAN2017; preparation for 3-way station moves (with 990, 1040).NRC
1020KCKN Roswell NM Silent 26JAN2017; transmitter was operating erratically.NRC
1050KORE Springfield-Eugene OR CP for U1 5K/105 from a new site (44-04-54/123-06-34) is on the air.NRC
1070WTWK Plattsburgh NY Has new call WPLB 15JAN2017.FCC
1110WTIS Tampa FL Silent 31DEC2016; has lost licensed site (has CP for new site on 1100 kHz).NRC
1200WZPS Huntington WV Call change to WYSN (03JAN2017).NRC
1300WIBR Baton Rouge LA Granted CP for U4 2K/500.NRC
1300WOAD Jackson MS CP for U1 3.6K/730 is on the air.NRC
1310WTTL Madisonville KY CP for U1 1.5K/40 is on the air.NRC
1330WSPQ Springville NY Was silent, 20JAN2017 back on the air with classic hits.IRCA
1330KYOZ Spokane WA Granted CP for U1 5K/23; diplexed with KTTO-970.NRC
1340KYWL Evergreen MT Call change to KQDE (01FEB2017).NRC
1340WNDR Auburn NY Call change (back) to WMBO (26JAN2017).NRC
1380WKDM New York NY CP for U4 5K/13K is on the air.NRC
1380KRCM Shenandoah TX Granted CP for U5 22K/50, moving night site to 36-39-55/95-45-27.NRC
1390WTJS Jackson TN Has new call WLLI 16JAN2017.FCC
1440WPRS Paris IL Call change to WBOW (06FEB2017).NRC
1440WVGG Lucedale MS Silent 15JAN2017 for transmitter replacement.NRC
1440KODL The Dalles OR Granted CP for U1 1K/23, moving to 45-37-12/121-05-59.NRC
1450KPTR Palm Springs CA Call change to KCOD (04JAN2017;station is silent).NRC
1460KLTC Dickinson ND Granted program test authority for CP to U2 5K/770.NRC
1530WDJZ Bridgeport CT License cancelled 02FEB2017; silent more than one year.NRC
1570WVOJ Fernandina Beach FL Silent 11JAN2017; transmitter failure.NRC
1570WFTU Riverhead NY Silent 27JAN2017 for repairs to roof and structure of studio building.NRC
1580KQFN Phoenix AZ CRC Broadcasting Silent KQFN-A (formerly KHEP-A)/Phoenix and associated translators K257CD/Phoenix and K256CY/Tempe, will return to the air 13FEB2017 with a Sports format as "1580 The Fanatic," using SB Nation Radio and CBS Sports Radio along with local programming. See more at: http://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/162146/another-sports-station-to-hit-phoenix-airwaves#sthash.3AAmhOOI.dpufIRCA
1580WIOL Columbus GA CP for U1 2.1K/45 at new site (32-27-07/84-58-25) is on the air.NRC
1600WHNP East Longmeadow MA Call change to WLZX (02FEB2017).NRC
1700KKLF Richardson TX CP to consolidate operations at night site (33-07-17/96-34-55) is on the air.NRC
kHzCanada News 09JAN2017Source
600CP Vancouver BC New commercial station with 10K poewr and South Asian format. Owner Sher-E-Punjab will move their programming from KRPI-1550 Ferndale WA to this new station.IRCA
600CP Montreal QC TTP Media has until 30JUN2017 to get this new 10K/5K English language News-Talk station on the air. Will share transmitter site with TTP's CFNV-940.IRCA
1210VOAR St John's NL Applied to move to FM 96.7.IRCA
1230CFGN Port Aux Basques NL Applied to move to FM 96.7 MHz; will continue to simulcast CFSX Stephenville.IRCA
kHzUSA News 09JAN2017Source
680WDBC Escanaba MI Granted CP for U4 6K/1K, correct coordinates to 45-45-47/87-05-41.NRC
810KLVZ Brighton CO Silent 01APR2016; back on the air 24OCT2016.NRC
850WKGE Johnstown PA Silent 24NOV2015; back on the air with STA 28OCT2016 at 1540. Silent again 05DEC2016 at 1700; technical problems.NRC
870KPRM Park Rapids MN Granted CP for U2 50K/2.5K.NRC
910WAVL Apollo PA Silent 01JUL2016; on the air 29AUG2016.NRC
930WEZZ Brantley AL Changes city of license from Monroeville to Brantley.IRCA
930WSFZ Jackson MS Silent 15JUN2016; on the air 22SEP2016.NRC
980WPGA Perry GA New call WDDO (25NOV2016).FCC
980WEGO Winston-Salem NC New call WTOB (22NOV2016).FCC
1020WURN Kendall FL New call WLVJ (06DEC2016).FCC
1040WLVJ Boynton Beach FL New call WURN (06DEC2016).FCC
1050KFIO Dishman WA Silent 25APR2016; back on the air 05DEC2016 with PTA for CP U1 25K/260, new site 47-35-58/117-22-38.NRC
1190KQQZ Desoto MO Changes city of license from Fairview Heights to Desoto.IRCA
1200WFCN Nashville TN Silent (as WAMB) 09JUN2016; on the air 23NOV2016.NRC
1210KEVT Sahuarita AZ Silent 15FEB2016; back on the air 01NOV2016.NRC
1210KMIA Auburn-Federal Way WA Granted CP for U4 27.5K/220 from current day site.NRC
1240WFWN Fort Myers FL Call change to WFSX. (17OCT2016) (had these calls 2010-2013)NRC
1260KWEI Weiser ID Silent 01SEP2016; taken silent by new owner considering next steps.NRC
1330WVHI Evansville IN New call WBGW (23NOV2016).FCC
1330WRCA Watertown MA Silent 15NOV2016; to move studio location.NRC
1360WGBN McKeesport PA Silent 08DEC2015; back on the air 08DEC2016 with STA.NRC
1370WDEF Chattanooga TN New call WXTC (30OCT2016).FCC
1380KXFN Saint Louis MO Silent 19DEC2015; back on the air 28NOV2016.NRC
1380WMGE Portsmouth NH Call change to WPLA (14DEC2016; station is silent).NRC
1470WLQR Toledo OH License surrendered by licensee 30SEP2016; station deleted.NRC
1470WTZE Tazewell VA Silent 07NOV2016; back on the air 15NOV2016 but at 25% power.NRC
1480WQOH Irondale AL New call WMMA (26OCT2016).FCC
1530KQSP Shakopee MN Silent 26OCT2016; financial difficulties.NRC
1540WONA Richmond VA Silent 06NOV2015; on the air with STA 04NOV2016. Silent again 21NOV2016; has lost transmitter site.NRC
1550WLOR Huntsville AL Granted CP for U1 28K/15.NRC
1580KHEP Tempe AZ Silent (again) 20OCT2016; has CP to move to new transmitter site.NRC
1580KGAF Gainesville TX CP for U1 1.2K/275, correcting coordinates to 33-37-43/97-06-26, is on the air.NRC
1590WGBG Ocean City MD Silent 12DEC2016 pending imminent sale.NRC
1660WWRU Jersey City NJ CP to adjust pattern, correct coordinates to 40-49-13/74-04-04, is on the air.NRC
1670WPLA Dry Branch GA New call WMGE (14DEC2016).FCC

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